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    Major Erich Becker Meiningen Turkey Group

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    He even "cares" about the group being split up...

    "bitte beachten Sie auch die anderen Orden und Urkunden des Major Becker"

    He asks the viewers to look also at the other orders and certificates of the major......

    If he really cared about it, he would have listed it as one group!

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    There are at least two of us from here trying to get it all. Unfortunately this just plays into the hands of the seller and confirms his strategy.

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    Guest Rick Research

    I have a simple solution:

    I will not be blackmailed into pouring money into a stooge's pockets as a consequence of his idiotically ripping apart a group that has remained intact for almost a century.

    Far easier to just say: this group has already been completely destroyed, no longer exists, is therefore not worth worrying over let alone rewarding moron extrortion, and go on about our lives.

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    I've spent a lot of money and time over the years trying to re-unite split groups, split aviation photo albums etc. The only incident I've seen that was worse than this was a German eBay seller who tore apart an aviation photo album. He cut out the pictures from the labeled pages.... ruining pix on the other side, tearing and ruining some of the images and then throwing away the pages!!! So much for history....

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    There was also a few weeks ago a very nice group of medals, ribbon bars (wartime and postwar) and documents for a Saxe-Coburg enlisted soldier that were all sold separately. As near as I can tell from tracking the auctions, none of the items went to the same buyers, so that group is destroyed.

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