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    got these on Sunday-beautifully made and dirt cheap. I presume miners' service badges of years underground and a really big "Distinguished company " Brigade badge.

    I love Hungarian stuff.

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    Interesting phrase - "Lion Coal Miner" 10/15 years of the "Old Guard" - Old Guard was a common name of an old die hard communist from the WW1 period. Later it seems to be an expression to signify one who was diligent and obedient to the work at hand over a long period (in this case 10 and 15 years.) Very Nice! :cheers:

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    Interesting T?rzsg?rda pins. These pins normally come with the name of the company on them as they were awarded for years of service with a specific firm. I guess these might have been awarded to someone who actually worked for the Miner's Trade Union. Take a look at my thread on T?rzsg?rda pins for more info.



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    Hi Gents,

    Jeff: This badge is not "Distinguished company " Brigade badge, but correctly it is Distinguished brigade of the company badge.

    Charles: Oroszl?ny is not oroszl?n (lion) and not orosz l?ny (russian girl), but Oroszl?ny is a small town near Tatab?nya. In this area were a lot of coal mines.

    Gordon: These are not Trade Union, but company t?rzsg?rda pins. ( Oroszl?nyi sz?nb?ny?k: Coal mines in Oroszl?ny)

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    "Lion Coal Miner"


    Yes, Zsolt is right. Oroszl?ny is a small town near my hometown.

    In Kom?rom-Esztergom county there were a widespread layer of coal under ground which had been being brought to surface from the 1930's through 3 or 4 main shafts. One of them (and the only one still working) was the one in the vicinity of Oroszl?ny.

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