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    Just back from Chicago and the best part was the U-505. Even my 6-yr old daughter said it was her favorite part of the whole trip! My wife was blown away. After reading every book on the U-505 I was awed to walk around the corner and see her - what a glorious presentation! The tour is well done. Though it focuses, naturally, on the capture, it was tastefully presented and the Germans were not demonized. The tour is well worth the extra $5, but you better get there first thing, or better yet, but tickets ahead. She was sold out in the first hour and the tickets are all timed.

    What a beauty she is. Too bad there are so few left I can count them on one hand...

    I brought my new Canon lens with me. All these shots are WITHOUT flash. They were shot at ISO 1600, which required some noise-reduction work post-production, but I think they came out great. The flash washed out the atmospheric lighting and I love non-flash photography.








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    Hi Marc

    I don't post very often, but I had to reply to this thread...

    You've done an amazing job capturing the U-505. The U-boot looks truly amazing and the new display looks fantastic! Thank you for posting these great shots. :beer:

    Perhaps one day, I can make the journey across the pond. :love:




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    Fantastic photos, Marc! To see the outside of her is awesome, but to get inside and tour it must be outright chilling! It's great to see that they left her untouched -I take it the holes pock marked all around her were received during her capture?


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    Gotta love the holes from the capture! She looks great - much of her is original. The bow planes are replacements, the interior floor was replaced, and some of the interior came from other boats. The observation periscope is original, but the attack scope has not been found.


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    Excellent photos!. I have the good fortune of living in 30 minutes away. I visit the U-505 often with out of town guests and never get tired of seeing her. The battle damage was re-exposed after the boat waas moved to this new indoor exhibit. The U-505 was outside for several decades and the elements were taking their toll. Just before the indoor exhibit opened in 2005, the Museum held a special visit for surviving crew members and family from both sides. I got to she her before the public opening and was not disappointed.

    They did allow photos on the day before it opened. Mine are mot nearly as good as yours, but here is a shot of the inside.


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