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    Australian First World War tunic

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    A good friend of mine showed me this gem this morning, part of his collection, it is a lovely

    First World War 4 pocket tunic, with overseas chevrons and wounded stripe, tunic is one that

    was made in the UK, and I was told the collar badges are also UK made.

    Just had to share the photos, I don't collect 1st War stuff, but I was impressed with the quality of

    this item, will let the photos do the rest of the talking,

    First up a general view of the jacket...

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    G'da Bob;

    Was there anything attached to the lanyard? The buttons are unusual, they are usually brass with an outline in relief of Australia, not leather as in this case. It is almost mint condition, a superb find to say the least.



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    Hi Johnsy,

    Yes the buttons are leather (apart from one of the shoulder strap buttons which does have the 'Australia'

    button in metal on it, which must be a replacement), I am assuming that because this was made in the UK then

    these buttons must have been what the original owner decided on at the time, or perhaps that was all the tailor

    had at the time, I don't know, the lanyard once had a whistle attached, which has now gone to the mists of time.

    Chris, your not the only one who would like it... :rolleyes:

    I was just about to turn the computer off and go for a cold beer, when I got the notification of a reply on my

    computer, so as it is a Sunday afternoon, and as an ex Armoured Corps friend of mine is about to lob on my doorstep,

    he said that he was thirsty, so I had better get them lined up !


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    Hi Chris,

    Yes it still lives here in Victoria, and there is more, it has a companion too, the visor cap that the same guy wore

    is still with the tunic, I haven't seen the cap as my friend only brought the jacket down for me to see, will have to

    travel up to central Victoria to see the cap and tunic together.


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    Guest Rick Research

    What's the unit patch for? Closest I could find is 58th Infantry Battalion-- but this tunic has the red to the LEFT?

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    Beautiful Tunic Bob.

    Compeletely different to the one which I recenly received from the UK and returned right away. I can answer Johnsy's question about the buttons; many of the UK produced tunic had the brass buttons but many had these leather economy buttons as well and sometimes a combination of both. The AWM have quite a few British made tunics and a large percentage do have the leather economy buttons.

    By the way this is only from what I've seen, no 'expert' opinions here because I'm no expert, just an interested collector.

    And...for Tony, the rank was worn on the right sleeve only in both WW1 and WW2 I believe.


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    And Pompey Elliot's jacket, which shows a good example of the typical brass buttons.

    Very nice...

    I'm a big fan of WW1 and 2 Australian uniforms.

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