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    And Prize Medals from my collection:

    USSR State's Prize Medal, without class, gold...

    USSR State's Prize Medal, 2nd class ... (this 2nd class medal I have twice, can sell one)

    USSR State's Prize Medal, 3rd class....


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    Posted on another site - but will focus here going forward (GMIC was down for me yesterday for some reason).

    I like these less mainstream awards - even nicer of course WITH documentation / background but we can't have it all.

    First up, People's Teacher of the USSR. LMD mint mark on both ob- and reverse of ring. No serial number on reverse unfortunately despite a line being there presumably for it.

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    Next up the Krupskaya award for literacy efforts

    Some background below

    "The International Literacy Prizes 1966-2000

    Each year from 1966 UNESCO has celebrated INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY with the aim to sensitize and mobilize international public opinion and to elicit their interest and active support for literacy activities ? one of UNESCO?s major preoccupations since its first General Conference in 1946. On this day, the Director-General of UNESCO addresses a message to the world, appealing to individuals, organizations and states to demonstrate their support and solidarity for literacy and to promote non-formal education for all, particularly for those who have been excluded from the school system.

    This annual celebration started following a recommendation of the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy which met in Tehran in September 1965. The Conference recommended that 8 September, the date of the inauguration of the Conference, be proclaimed International Literacy Day and be observed world-wide. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran proposed that UNESCO award an international literacy prize for meritorious work in the struggle against illiteracy, and created the Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Prize (1967-1978) which was, from 1967 to 1969, the only literacy award presented.

    Two other prizes, the Nadezhda K. Krupskaya Prize (1970-1991) and the Iraq Literacy Prize (1989-1991) were awarded for 19 years and 11 years respectively.

    At present five international literacy prizes are awarded each year:

    The International Reading Association Literacy Award, created in 1979 by the International Reading Association, a non-governmental organization

    The Noma Literacy Prize created in 1980 by the late Shoichi Noma, President of Kodansha Ltd., Publishers

    The two King Sejong Literacy Prizes created in 1989 by the Government of the Republic of Korea to commemorate a king who invented, more than 500 years ago, an alphabet consisting of 22 easy to learn letters

    The Malcolm Adiseshiah International Literacy Prize created in 1998 by the Government of India to commemorate the late Malcolm Adiseshiah, former Deputy Director-General of UNESCO and Chairman of the International Literacy Prize Jury.

    The three categories of recognition awarded are:

    The five Prizes consisting of a cheque for US $15,000, a silver medal and a diploma

    Honourable Mentions consisting of a diploma and a bronze medal

    Recognitions by the Jury in the International Literacy Prize award list "

    source: http://www.unesco.org/education/literacy_2000/history.html

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    List of recipients:

    1970 Mongolia Language and Literature Institute of the Academy of Sciences

    1971 Zambia Zambia Adult Literacy Programme

    1972 Iran Education Corps

    1973 Tanzania West Lake Region Literacy Project

    1974 Rwanda Shyorongi Community Development Circle (CEDECOS)

    1975 Somalia Abidirizak Mohamoud Abukar

    1976 Syria Literacy Department of the Ministry of Education and Culture

    1977 - none?

    1978 Vietnam Commune of Cambinh, Pilot Literacy and Complementary Education Unit

    1979-1 Iraq Supreme Council of the National Campaign for Compulsory Literacy of Iraq

    1979-2 Peru People?s Union of Peruvian Women

    1980 Nicaragua Nicaraguan National Literacy Campaign

    1981 Cuba Federation of Cuban Women

    1982 India Directorate of Non-formal and Adult Education of Tamil Nadu

    1983 Lesotho Lesotho Distance Learning Centre

    1984 Cuba Cuban National Association of the Blind

    1985 Laos Xiengkho District

    1986 China Wu Lien Country in Shandong Province

    1987 Indonesia Mrs Eriyah

    1988 Angola National Literacy Centre

    1989 Jamaica Jamaican Movement for Advancement of Literacy (JAMAL)

    1990 China People?s Government of Xiping County, Henan Province

    1991 Pakistan Adult Basic Education Society (ABES), Gujranwala

    By the way, if somebody could help translate the reverse of the award? Thanks :cheers:

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    Link to complete list which includes (on top of the above):

    - winners of other literacy awards (non-USSR)

    - honorable mentions (incl. for the Krupskaya one)

    Given the extremely select number of awardees, I'm inclined to believe there may be mint escapees on the market... but even then not that many as the one I recently acquires is the first one I've seen for sale.

    Unfortunately not numbered - makes you wonder whether there was any rationale behind numbering some awards yet not others.

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