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    Flag signed by Douglas MacArthur


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    Hi All! This is my very first post on GMIC forums.

    My father gave this stuff to me a while ago. He had got it from his uncle, a former antique dealer. First, there is a japanese flag signed by General MacArthur himself. I have a slip of paper from Staff Sargent Richard S. Cross, a member of the public relations section of MacArthur's headquaters, who originally obtained the signature. Unfortunately, the General signed with a felt tip pen, and the writing has mostly worn away.

    The other item is a japanese medical kit. The case is in great condition. Inside were three glass bottles still containing liquids, probably morphine. The one with the markings had been used and was empty. There was also an unopened package of bandages. If anyone has any information on this, please let me know. Thanks!


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    I'm sorry about "jap." There wasn't enough room to fit the entire word "Japanese." I didn't mean to be insulting.

    As for the pen, I guess it can't be felt tip, as they were invented in the 1960's. I think it is more likely the way the ink took to the silk.

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    Guest Rick Research

    I'd say it is fountain pen ink, not felt tip. So you just need to get somebody who can confirm the autograph.

    Title edited. :beer:

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    Hi RedMaestro,

    Those are a couple of nice items. I especially liked the medical kit, it still has the Kanji script intact. It would be great to get a translation. I hope you can verify the signature on the flag, what a piece of WW II memorabilia.

    Cheers :cheers:


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    Hi All!

    Thanks for editing the title, and once again, I apoligize for that.

    Thanks for the idea Brian! I have some Japanese friends who might be able to help me with translating. As for the verification of the signature, I have no "official" confirmation. My father once took an antique dealer (not his uncle) who seemed to think it was real and offered $200 for it. He also compared it to a MacArthur signature that a friend (an autograph collector) owned. They supposedly look exacly alike. I tried to find any information on Sargent Cross on the internet, but that seems just about impossible. Do you know where a good place to look would be?


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    Hi Alex

    Very nice first aid bag and contents, I would love to see some better photos as I collect Japanese Medical items. The writing on the bag should say a number = (looks like this) then a letter which would mean No 2 bag and the three letters underneath would say first aid.

    My email is jim5indiv@aol.com if you can send some pic that would be great. The small bandage is Navy issue.



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