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Shoulder Strap Question...

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The only shoulder strap I can find that's anywhere close to photo 1 is for Infanterie-Leibregiment Gro?herzogin (3. Gro?herzoglich Hessisches) Nr.117, although the crown in the photo looks different than the example I'm looking at. The cypher (if that's what that is!) looks the same though.

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According to "200 Divisions.." the 407.IR was formed at the Altengrabow camp in October 1916 and became part of the 202.Division. As soon as it arrived in Russia, the 407.IR was sent to the 205.Division. It spent the rest of the war on the Eastern front. That makes it appear that the regiment was formed from recruits, but who knows about the NCO cadre and officers.


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Ah Charles,

If only I could find a beautiful german officer uniform. H?las, triple h?las. The price for uniforms are very high.



Yes, I can't afford them like i used to once upon a time. I'm now wondering if I can even afford to buy ribbon bars :speechless:

I traded away some wonderful tunics and visors, both Imperial and Turd Reich. Too bad I didn't know you then. :lol:

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