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    Ethiopian Korea medal...

    Chris Boonzaier

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    Yes I have-very nice and quite rare-@ $100+ these days.

    Ethiopia sent a small but rugged contingent to Korea. the vets association is still active and I send them $100 every year. The campaign medals were made in Sweden and England and are of .825 silver and quite nice. Haille Selassie was a staunch proponent of the U.N. and peacekeeping. Ethiopian troops also served in the Congo and in the Siani. Had the Emperor not been murdered battalions undoubtedly would have been inthe Congo again, Uganda, Sierra Leone, East Timor and the Balkans as well.

    There are ribbon groups out there as well- very,very special.

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    Vendors by the old Palace and elsewhere in Addis sometimes have medals, including these, for sale. Usually no ribbon a more but modest price. Airfare might however, tip the scale! Some UN issue Koreas there look to be cast copies.

    I could not locate Sevadjian's (an Ethiopian based manufacturer--his name is seen on "local-make" Star and Menelik II insignia) shop/office/factory but heard imperial awards were on offer there.

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    Ever seen one of these before !?!?!?!

    I lot of this stuff came out of Ethiopia in the late 1980's and 1990's and was sourced from a European gentleman who worked and lived out there (haven't deen him for about four years). I handled at least 10 UN Korea medals as well as quantities of the Order of the Trinity, King Solomon's Seal, Menelik II and the Star, in all cases no ribands but with UN Korea they are as easy to obtain as dog muck on the pavement. Whether other pople were doing similar things to my man I don't know but I know they were alsoturning up in one or two European auction houses. I don't know whther the supply has now dried up but certainly there are more of them on the market than you would suspect.


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