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Hi Rosenberg,

My personal feeling would be that this is the same mark as found on fake pilot?s badges.

The ?Deumer? mark, on both early and late badges, remained the same throughout the time of production, so unless ?Deumer? produced a new maker mark stamp specifically for their glider badges, I would have to conclude that this is either a post war marking, or the entire badge is a fake.

Is it possible to see the front of the badge and some close-ups of the hinge/catch?

For comparison, here are some examples of maker marks from both early (top) and late (middle) Luftwaffe badges by ?Deumer?, with the one you show at the bottom.

I'm sure that Mike K or Tim Calvert would have further information on these gliders and would be only too happy to give some input.

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I don't think I've seen an authentic Glider Badge by this maker in years, if at all.

I myself don't recall EVER seeing a Glider Badge by Deumer either. I am in agreeance here with the others regarding the mm here - Deumer had basically the same mm throughout the war - no discernable difference from beginning to end. The mm on your Glider just doesn't match up to a period Deumer mark.


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