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Heinrich Wohlers was born on 16 March 1912 at Altkloster in the Stade region of Neidersachsen. Trained as a reconnaisance pilot, Oberleutnant Wohlers was serving with 2.(F)/Aufkl?rungsgruppe 11 early in the war. He later converted to night fighters and was posted to II./NJG 1 on 23 August 1940. On 26 October 1940, Wohlers was transferred to 8./NJG 1. He claimed his first victory on the night of 12/13 March 1941, when he shot down a RAF Hampden twin-engined bomber near Nordhorn. Wohlers was appointed Staffelkapit?n of 8./NJG 4 on 30 April 1942. Hauptmann Wohlers had two victories to his credit at this time. On 1 January 1943, Wohlers was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of II./NJG 4. By the end of 1942, he had increased his victory total to seven, including three RAF bombers shot down on the night of 21/22 December to record his fifth through seventh victories. Wohlers was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of IV./NJG 6 on 13 January 1943. By the end of May, he had nine victories to his credit. In June and July, Wohlers was detached to 3./NJG 1. During his period with the unit he recorded seven victories, including his 10th victory, a RAF Lancaster four-engine bomber shot down near Broich on the night of 16/17 June, two RAF four-engine bombers shot down over Holland on the night of 22/23 June (12-13) and a further two RAF four-engine bombers shot down on the night of 29 June (15-16). On 1 August 1943, IV./NJG 4 was redesignated I./NJG 6. Wohlers retained command of the newly redesignated unit. By the end of 1943, Wohlers had increased his victory total to 28, including three RAF four-engine bombers shot down on the night of 10/11 August (18-20) and a further three on the night of 27/28 August (22-24). On 11 November, Wohlers was promoted to the rank of Major. Wohlers was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 31 December for 28 victories. Major Wohlers was appointed Kommodore of NJG 6 on 2 February 1944. On 15 March 1944, Wohlers undertook a transfer flight from Schleissheim to Echterdingen. His Bf 110 G-4 (W.Nr. 5353) suffered an engine failure and crashed attempting a landing in dense fog at Echterdingen. Wohlers and his crewman, Oberfeldwebel Karl Kleilein were killed. A passenger, a staff officer from 7. Jagddivision, Major M?nsterer, along to observe on the flight, was also killed.

Heinrich Wohlers was credited with 29 victories. All his victories were recorded at night.

Acknowledgements to Frederic H?noff

No Date Time A/c Type Unit Location / Comments

1 13.3.1941 0:10 Hampden 8./NJG 1 5km NE Nordhorn

2 10.7.1941 1:31 Wellington 8./NJG 1 4km S Meppen

3 17.11.1942 21:05 Halifax II./NJG 4 2km NE Consigny / Halifax II (W7863) ?NP-V? of 158 Sqn flown by S/Ldr P de GH Seymour

4 22.11.1942 22:55 Wellington II./NJG 4 10km S Brienne

5 21.12.1942 19:41 Viermot II./NJG 4 5km S Void-Vacon

6 21.12.1942 22:56 Stirling II./NJG 4 Minecourt

7 21.12.1942 23:13 Wellington II./NJG 4 2.5km W Matignicourt

8 15.4.1943 0:23 Halifax IV./NJG 4 Niederl?stat

9 17.4.1943 1:15 Halifax IV./NJG 4 W Kastenbach

10 17.6.1943 1:20 Lancaster IV./NJG 4 1.5km S Broich

11 22.6.1943 2:12 Halifax IV./NJG 4 2km E Kampen

12 23.6.1943 1:35 Stirling IV./NJG 4 2km S Apeldoorn

13 23.6.1943 2:12 Halifax IV./NJG 4 Kaalherin

14 25.6.1943 1:07 Halifax IV./NJG 4 1km N Welldorf

15 29.6.1943 2:17 Lancaster IV./NJG 4 S Volkel

16 29.6.1943 2:40 Stirling IV./NJG 4 1.5km E Moulfort

17 14.7.1943 1:48 Stirling IV./NJG 4 2km NE Rothem

18 10.8.1943 - Halifax I./NJG 6 Spe?bach

19 11.8.1943 0:37 Halifax I./NJG 6 Bad Kreuznach

20 11.8.1943 - Stirling I./NJG 6 Schaffhausen

21 11.8.1943 - Halifax I./NJG 6 Asbach

22 28.8.1943 1:33 Halifax I./NJG 6 J?ngholzhausen

23 28.8.1943 1:46 Stirling I./NJG 6 Oppenheim durch

24 28.8.1943 2:53 Viermot I./NJG 6 2.5km SE Alzey

25 6.9.1943 0:16 Stirling I./NJG 6 NE Pirmasens

26 6.9.1943 0:29 Stirling I./NJG 6 J?gersburg

27 7.9.1943 0:29 Halifax I./NJG 6 SW M?nchen

28 26.11.1943 20:12 Halifax I./NJG 6 Maria Buchen

29 25.2.1944 22:45 Lancaster Stab/NJG 6 30km W Augsburg

Victories : 29

Awards : Ehrenpokal (9 August 1943)

Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (31 August 1943)

Ritterkreuz (31 December 1943)

Units : NJG 1, NJG 4, NJG 6

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