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    Not the most common thing, yet not expensive as tunics go. This is made of the highest quality doeskin, with Hamburg makers label. The collar tabs are heavy bullion,the cuff title thin silk.

    Clearly a well-decorated 1st War Vet and now Party member.

    All I need now is the dagger!

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ah, you're a couple of years too late... my Evil Twin had several Zoll ribbon bars that he was selling then.

    The only one I have I have been waiting to match back up with its medal bar (I know where it is--the owner split the medal and ribbon bars) for 30+ years:

    Are the loops on your tunic tight for a 7 ribbon bar, no sliding back and forth past the outer loops? Just let me know how many ribbons you need for a correct fit and I'll keep an eye open for one that will match the loops. Usually the ones that turn up have a metal device.

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    No, just the green chevron pattern.

    I've looked up Davis' book Plate 15) on Insignia but he does not show this particular collar patch.

    The patch is clearly untampered with as the single pip has not been added later. He also mentions that many Zoll shoulder boards had a cypher RFV, but again this is not on my tunic and ther boards have no holes where they might have been.

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    Rick..Thanks for that. It has 4 ribbon loops so the bar is tight up against each end. I have a few bars so I just choose what looks nice against a tunic! Not very professional, I know If you come across one of this size with a Customs ribbon please let me know.

    Paul...Sorry, I should have guessed. Yes it has green flecks. I actually got it on a RAD Officers tunic but it doed not have the correct finials for a RAD one. Wim Saris' fantastic book on Aiguillettes doesn't have anything on Land Customs so I don't quite know what I've got. Pretty sure it is TR and maybe Customs?

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    • 2 months later...

    What a great quality tunic! I actually used to collect some of the land customs items before I went strictly Luftwaffe. It's very sharp-looking. You need a nice visor to go with the tunic; I've seen them pretty reasonably priced.

    So, you say you need a dagger, eh? :rolleyes:

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