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WW2 Russian 45mm anti-tank (H.E) rounds


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I thought you may like to see this full case of Soviet anti-tank rounds I picked up the other day.

The rounds are dated 1936,1938 and 1939.

Will fit in nicely with my new found passion,ordnance!

All comments appreciated!

Enjoy the pics!

Kind regards,


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Russian black market, maybe!


I dont know if they are obtainable as I would think that their removal would be part of the de-mil/deactivation process. Even if the primers are not live.

I would check with your local law enforcement before I altered these rounds in any way.

By the way, I really like how they are so well marked! Nice set! Do you have any other ordinance?

Best regards


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I hope you have a deactivation certificate with them for a number of reasons.

Especially as you live in UK.

Having once having some one kick what he thought was a dud which turned out to be 155mm WP...on blowing as a blind....as I explained to him...if you don't know what it is...it is to be treated as live.


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Hi Chris,

a deactivation certificate isn't needed for inert ordnance in the UK.

Although technically,you do need one for deactivated firearms.

They must be inert, the shell cases are completely empty!

Kind regards,


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I think they don't have an explosive charge because they are AP. They have a core of some kind of special metal-alloy which shall be toxic. I'll try to find the source of this information. I read it some months ago in another forum.

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