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    New Romanian items

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    My new gathered new items since the fall..

    First the crosses, from left to right:

    1. 2nd type Crown order officer with X, ww2

    2. 1st type Crown order officer

    3. 1st type Star order officer

    4. 1st type Star order officer, for military in peace time

    5. 2nd type Star order officer with X, ww2

    6. 2nd type Star order knight, civil.

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    Their cases:

    1. Carol I era Crown order officer

    2. Star order officer, civil. Late 20s or early 30s

    3. Michael I era Crown order officer

    4. Michael I era Star order officer


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    And finally, a group shot of my enlarged Romanian family together, without their cases though.. I take more shots when I can and post more pics in the showcase section.. Thanks for watching.

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    Your very own Order for Cultural Merit. ;)

    Congratulations for your collection.

    Splendid collection...I?ve not so high classes orders...and no so many boxes

    A Michel Bravery cross, and a Ferdinand order (I wish to got one too)...are prominently missed

    Greetings again for your collection...and thanks fot your pretty pics... :cheers:


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