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    Guest Rick Research

    What a greeeeeeeeeeeddy little piggie wiggie!!!! :P

    I have to do these in batches so my scribblies are transcribable:

    #10 "von Unruh." BILLIONS of them, and all with no first names in the Orders Rolls. Rotsa ruck!

    #11 "Oberl?nder" ex Hptm of 4. Ingenieuer Inspektion, char. Oberstleutnant aD, last job StO Pio 65

    #17 "Hasse" see #10 :rolleyes:

    #18 "Tappen" Gerhard (1865-1953) Pour le Merite with Oakleaves, char Gen d Art aD 1939


    #20 "Clausius" Hermann (1854-1925) Genlt aD

    #21 "von Herthes"


    #23 "Weidner" G. Johannes (1865-1924) Genlt aD

    #24 "von Benzino" Eugen Ritter (NOT MMJO!!!!!!!!) b. 1856, divisional CO from start of war until killed in action 28 November 1915

    #25 "Kiefhaber" Christoph (later MMJO Ritter von, 19.10.1855-19.1.1955) also PLM Co division 17.3.16-26.3.17

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    The Armee-Abteilung Woyrsch Chief of Staff is Wilhem Heye.

    Chief of staff of the Karparthenkorps (I.V. Reserve-Korps) was Walter von Unruh.

    4. Ersatz-Division: Albert von Werder

    8. Landwehr-Division:Albert von Bodungen



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    Hi Chris,

    R.I.R. 10: Oberstleutnant Sch?nwasser. I will see if I can track down a first name.



    To add to Glenn's bio post in #32, on mobilization in 1914, Sch?nwasser left GR 11 and became commander of III./RIR 10. Obviously, he moved upstairs sometime before January 1917. He was still in command of RIR 10 at war's end.

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    Thank yee kindly! Any idea what rank he had ?

    All the best


    Generalmajor from 18.08.1917. Generalleutnant on 18.12.1920 retroactive to 01.10.1920 He retired in January 1926 and was promoted to char. General der Artillerie. If there's a 1925 Reichswehr rank list it should have his awards; he's out by the time of my 1926 rank list.

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    I read that last signature as Matthia?. I am work now so will check when I get home.



    Wilhelm "Willi" Matthia? of IR 155 took command of RIR 46 on mobilization. He received the pour le M?rite on 22 November 1917, by then probably a brigade commander, but I don't have a unit. In June 1918, he took command of the 25. Reserve-Division. In October 1918, he took command of the 207. Infanterie-Division. He died 23 September 1919.

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