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    Guest Rick Research

    You're evil, man! :speechless:

    #3 = "Looff," Major 19.8.14 J5i and char. Oberst aD from the Reichsheer HFriko. He PROBABLY received a SA3aX but... no first name in the Saxon roll, and a different job, so can't be sure, since there were TWO of them.

    #4 = "Woelki," but which one is know but to God (or Glenn). THIS Woelki (you guessed it, no first name) received a SA3aX 28.10.16 as Major on staff of Armee Abteilung Scholtz, so that matches. I can't find ANY of the eventual Majors Woelki on a first pass who would have been promoted BEFORE February 1916.

    #5 = "von Redern," Konrad (1870-1920) Otl 24.12.14 KK, Oberst 6.11.17 P ending war in Finland on GS of "German General Finland." BMV3X 24.11.14. RAO4, KO3, XXV, Anhalt 1896, 1897, MG2c, SA3a pre-war.

    #8 = "von Neumann" (easy, easy, nyah nyah nyah) Gustav (1946-1921), char. Generalleutnant aD having retired before the war. Veteran of 1866 and 1870.

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