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    Austrian uniforms


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    Does anyone on this forum collect Austrian uniforms and headgear from WW1?

    I have great interest but haven't found many people who also share interest in uniforms of this period. If anyone has items please share images.

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    Hi Gordon

    Very nice

    Do you have pictures of the inside of the coats ?

    Hi Gordon

    I would also love to see the civilians-collar and sleeves in close-up. What rank-equivalent was this uniform worn by (militairy)?



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    I'll take photos of the interior of the uniforms tomorow. Also some closeups of the buttons and rank insignia would probably be of interset.

    David M,

    I'll get pictures of the things you asked for tomorrow as well. I recently moved and my reference notes of these uniforms is still buried somewhere in a box. I'll see if I can find it and post what research I have done on the Administration Oficials uniform as soon as I can find the time to dig it out.



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