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    Austrian uniforms


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    this time I post a Zugsfuehrer (Platoon leader) tunic, made of pike grey cord. K.u.k. Oberoesterreichisches Infanterie-Regiment „Ernst Ludwig Großherzog von Hessen und bei Rhein“ Nr. 14;

    One year volunteer; officer aspirant; Mod. 1915

    I would like to see tunics out of other collections. Is there anyone willing to share images?

    would be great

    Best regards

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    Very nice! A good piece with the captured Italian collar star. In fact an army decree prohibited the wearing of the enemy's badges ;) But it was a common practice among the Austro-Hungarian soldiers.

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    Hello there!

    I just want to pick up this wonderful thread to show you my new Model 1916 Fieldcap. The Soldier Josef Ryba served with K.u.K. Infantry Regiment 75 and later with Gebirgs-Schützen-Regiment Nr. 1.. The sheath to apply the Spielhahnstoß was sewed by the Soldier during the war after his transfer to the Mountaintroops. In my opinion a wonderful preserved cap.

    Are there more Fieldcap Collectors out there?

    I'm looking forward to see some more of your caps!

    Beste wishes!


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    That looks like a very nice cap. Congratulations on finding it.

    Here is a cap I got a couple years ago. It also has an added pocket. It is unusual for being a regulation model 1915 cap, but made of a felt fabric. Do you have other KuK caps?

    I have just finished an English language book on KuK cloth headgear that should be available by the end of October.

    Best regards,


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    Hello Brian!

    Thanks for your compliments. Your book sounds verry intresting! Can you please inform me when it is out in the stores? Can you show some example pages?

    I have one more M1915 Cap. These are my first Caps. I am looking for more, but i don't need to explain to you that they are very rare to find and when you find one they are verry expensive. Those two caps i bought this year and my budget is empty now for this year.

    Your cap is also a verry beautiful piece. Congratulations!

    Best wishes Andi

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    It was a fantastic auction. I am told that there will be more in later auctions. I bid on two caps but came up way short. It was interesting to note that the tropical helmet was not even Austrian, but French. I pointed this out to Dorotheum, they agreed and posted a note on both the web and auction table. The helmet still wen for an outrageous price. 1600 euros if I remember correctly.

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    Here are four caps from my collection. Three are Hechtgrau and one is feldgrau felt. The first three are still in the collection.The last one was traded away. Brian is well familiar with them, as I photographed them for both of his books.



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    The equivalence is to a colonel (oberst ). the waved braid and the three rosettes 

    On 21/11/2012 at 06:14, Max_von_W said:

    Dear Gentlemen,

    attached pic contains the Color of a 1st Lieutenant of a machine gunner section of IR 59; Modell 1915 field grey

    Kopie von Ö-Stoff 1 002.jpg

    Nice badges 

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    Here is a uniform I saved from an attic cleaning in Upper Austria in 1972.  It was worn by a man in the Kaisersschuten and the cap shown here was in the pocket of the tunic, although is is the later cap.  The trousers and belt are not original to the grouping although the pouches and water bottle are.


    Here is a late war uniform, the back pack is post war Czech and has been removed since the photo was taken.


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