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    Hi Daniel

    In short, I wouldn't want any of these badges in my collection.

    The observer... Cast fake of a Juncker 2nd pattern wreath and GWL eagle, with well known fake maker mark "SOG"

    The pilot... Again, cast fake of a Juncker 2nd pattern wreath and BSW eagle with incorrect Juncker maker mark.

    B&NL Radio Op's/Air Gunner... In my opinion, a cast copy of an original badge, but a full shot of the reverse, showing the hardware is needed.

    Air Gunner... I would like to see a shot of the reverse...but again, In my opinion, a cast copy of either a Juncker or Deumer.

    The Luftwaffe Ground Combat badge has a slight chance of being original, but if the badge is an example of the yet unidentified maker, the catch and pin have been replaced. Better pictures are needed.

    The Army Flak....Obverse features look very soft. Again, better pictures needed, but I don't hold out much hope.

    So, only one person's opinion...more to come, I'm sure.


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