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The next 2 I recieved from Timo (Noor). Many thanks my friend :cheers:

A pre war photo of a Beamte official, with I think a Black (Technical) nebenfarbe and a Medium/Elevated career who was in the 1st war. I am hoping some one can help with the medal bar. I recognize the EK2, a Hindenburg Cross for Combatants, Is that a Silesian Eagle award beside it? And a Heer long service medal but that is all

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Last fellow was an Austrian. 2nd through 5th ribbons are a grand slam of either all four classes (Gold, Large Silver, Small Silver, Bronze) of their WW1 bravery medals or multiples of those with a Merit Cross on war ribbon-- but I think from lack of swords he's got Everything There Was To Get for bravery medals.

1st one--

Meinen lb. Vater

ein Bild von seinem

Sohn Paul

Bad Aachen, den 5.10.1941

To my dear father

a picture from his

son Paul

2nd one was already researched--



freundlichen Erinnerungen


Ferdinand Honisch

K?ln, den 17./7.39


friendly remembrance


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Here is larger portrait of Ferdinand Honisch. It's actually a different photo as you can see that his head is in a slightly different position. His bar is a bit clearer in this one...

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One I picked up some time ago. I believe him to be an Administration official of some kind but I cannot see any insignia on his apparently very thin shoulder boards.

The medal bar appears to be cut off by the photograph.

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That last fellow (note the Wehrmacht 12 and 4 Years Service Medal ribbons, suggesting a former career NCO) wearing an officer's tunic and collar tabs with an enlisted type silver bullion BeVo breast eagle and "sergeant-major" equivalent shoulder boards. An interesting combination I've never seen before!

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The mystery shoulder boards on your Official look like those used by the LSW and SHD! I have never seen anything like it on a Heer uniform! I have placed a set of these boards below..


I have never seen that mixture of officer and NCO insignia before either. Perhaps he was a probationary member(the LW does something similar), who will be advanced to an officer grade after a certain amount of time has passed. To me, this is the only thing that will make any sense.

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Hi Paul

Those cords were used by Beamte auf Kreigsdaur for awhile, and though he is wearing what i believe to be the correct style tabs, they look to have a white nebenfarbe as opposed to the grey nebenfarbe that was used by a Beamte a. K.

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Some new photo's that have arrived

First is an older Zahlmeister/Sekretar wearing a full uniform. From the date of the photo, and his age, I wonder if he was one of the civilians who were incorporated into the Wehrmacht in 1934?

Once again any help with the translation is greatly appreciated.

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:Cat-Scratch: Interesting to me to see that he's wearing the hat with funny colored capband and collar for Sonderf?hrers, wartime duration tabs, but what looks like (?) normal Beamter boards yet he's signed it (horrible handwriting, I think his name was "Heytrak") as "Obzm" which must be "Oberzahlmeister."

I love weirdly obscure uniforms. :cheers:

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