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    Orden "De la Solidaridad"


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    Awarded for showing solidarity to the Cuban cause and way of life, and for support in times of trouble. To Cuban and foreign citizens and entities, in recognition to extraordinary merits reached in labours related to or with our or other peoples, on behalf of mankind, peace, the cause of socialism and against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, fascism, racism and any other exploitation form.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Business at the anti-fascist shop must be rather slow, what with there haven't been any (real ones) since 1945.

    And I never COULD keep the distinction between "colonialism" and "neo-colonialism" straight in school. :rolleyes:

    It would be interesting to find out who actually got this and for what. "Any other form of exploitation" is wondrous vague. :ninja:


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    Otorga la Orden ?DE LA SOLIDARIDAD? con car?cter p?stumo al compa?ero ALVARO PAIM, fundador del Partido Trabalhista Brasile?o en R?o Grande do Soul ydel Partido Democr?tico Trabalhista; en reconocimientoal importante trabajo desarrollado a favor del incrementode la colaboraci?n y el intercambio econ?mico entre los pueblos de Brasil y Cuba, al igual que en la promoci?n de actividades a favor de la lucha que libra nuestro pueblo contra el bloqueo, as? como por su solidaridaddemostrada y su contribuci?n a la formaci?n del Grupo Parlamentario Brasil-Cuba.

    In the above case the Order was awarded postum to Alavo Paim the founder of the Brazilian Workers Party in Rio Grande and the Democratic Workers Party. For support and assistance during the blockade/ trade embargo. And contribution to the forming of the Brazil-Cuba parlimentary group.

    One therory: Orden "De la Solidaridad" - Awarded to Foreign and Cuban Civilians (Above two cases)

    Orden "Playa Gir?n" - Awarded to foreign and Cuban Military personal (Gagarin and Kulikov)

    Regards Eddie.

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    • 2 months later...

    Ahhh, thank you Bob,

    So it's part of the Mielke collection, wasn't his awards sold off a few years back by Carsten?

    I seem to remember having a pic of his HSU somewhere from that auction.

    Regards Eddie

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