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    Whilst i am really trying to get away from much of this, I still can't resist the occasional ultra-rare photograph... This Saxon J?ger Officer is wearing a St. Henry Medal (Other Ranks, 1870/71??) AND an Albert Order Officer's Cross! :speechless1:

    The photo dates ca. 1895-1896, due to the lack of Centennial Medal!

    Who is he??


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    So, our man has:

    Sax-Ernestine House Order, Commander

    ??? Commander Grade

    Albert Order, Officer's Cross

    Prussian 1870 EK2 w. Jubilee Spange (1895)

    Saxon Saint Henry Medal (unknown grade at this point)

    Prussian Red Eagle Order, 3.kl.

    Prussian Order of The Crown, 3.kl. (?? 4.??)

    Saxon Officer's 25-Year LS Cross

    Prussian KDM 1870/71 w. 5 bars!!

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    Guest Rick Research

    This is what I call a "snapshot in time" photo. We know it is 1895-- "25" jubilee oakleaves on the 1870 EK2. We know that it is NOT 1897-- no Wilhelm I Centenary Medal. Bingo, as specified, unquestionably 1895 to 1897 as the "window" during which this was taken.

    BUT... anybody who zoomed from Officer Candidate in 1870 to Oberstleutnant (if not Oberst) from that Albert-Officer was

    1) NOT your average plain old "just hoping to be made major soon" and

    2) NOT a "Royal" Royal, at least of the lounge lizard variety-- this guy WORKED his way up with "mortal" awards...but at faster than normal mortal speed for those draaaaaaaaagging promotion times.

    I have the feeling, unless he just dropped dead, as people did then of things we take a pill for now, his career was far from finished.

    So if I were to peruse the 1909 Saxon Rank List (the earliest one I've got) he would have UPPED most of those Orders and had Red Eagle 2nd and so on and on, and would be--probably-- a retired General with many more and different grade awards than are shown here.

    He can be found in 35 seconds from a Saxon Rank List 1895-97: don't even have to wade through the infantry: he is in one of TWO J?ger batatlions, on one of two pages. Two pages in three issues... boom, you'd have him. THEN we could track his before and after.

    But that requires a Rank List from THEN.

    He COULD also be in the Sch?tzen Regiment-- you'd better uncrop and show the shako I seem to recall he was holding.

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    And Sch?tzen-Regiment Nr. 108

    As I am still not able to access this forum from my computer at home, I could not post it early this morning, instead, I had to wait until lunchtime to use the one at work.

    The scans Glenn sent are from the 1895 Rangliste (which dates to late Dec 1894). Consequently, the photo's subject is not listed, but shows up in 1896.

    The subject of this fine photograph is Hans von Carlowitz (02.11.1849-22.03.04). His career highlights:

    22.03.02 zur Disposition

    25.02.01-22.03.02 Kom. 64. Inf. Brig.

    (can't find date of promotion to Gen.Maj.)

    28.03.99-25.02.01 Chef d. s?chs. Gen. St.

    17.04.98-28.03.99 Chef d. Gen. St. d. XII. AK

    24.03.97-14.04.98 Kom. Gren. R. 100

    24.03.97 Oberst

    30.03.95-24.03.97 Kom. J?g. B. 12

    22.03.94 Oberstlt.

    22.09.90 Major

    1884 zum Gen. St. versetzt

    17.09.82 Hptm.

    22.05.76 Prem.Lt.

    1873 Adj. d. J?g. B. 12

    07.10.70 Sek.Lt. in J?g. B. 12

    His orders in 1896:

    St. Heinrichs silberene Milit?r Verdienst Medaille

    Albrechts Orden, Offizierskreuz


    Bavarian Verdienst Orden, Komthurkreuz





    I can't find a reason for his early retirement, though perhaps it was due to poor health, as he died two year to the day after retiring, and just 54 years old. You would think that a Chief of the General Staff would rise higher than a brigade commander!

    As Glenn mentioned, from 01.04.87-01.04.00 there were three Saxon J?ger battalions. The third, Nr. 15, was incorporated into IR 181 when it was raised on 01.04.00.


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    Thank you for posting his interesting career.

    It's incredible, because when I first looked at this photograph and saw this officer, I thought that he couldn't have been living very long after the picture. I noticed that he looked very tired (look around his eyes), as if he was already quite worn out or sick by the time the picture was taken.


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    At long last I found the date of his promotion to Generalmajor:

    19 April 1901 - the same day he took over permanent command of the 64. Infanterie-Brigade. He had been the acting commander of the brigade (Mit der F?hrung beauftragt) since the 25th of February 1901.



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    • saschaw changed the title to ID this Saxon Jäger?

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