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Ribbon Bars Fun Quiz!

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If one of them would have the highest chance of being real, it would be Robin's choice.

Is there a way to get a shot of the back?

Should the lifesaving medal be in a higher postion?(between the KVK2 and the East Front medal)

Also, would the Spanish Campaign medal be located between the last sevice medal and the Turkish medal?

Can I please get a close up of the second ribbon bar from the top as well as the bottom bar?

Warm regards


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Remember that ribbon bars are like a book: they CAN be "read" to reveal a career, so consider what each "chapter" is telling you, as well as scrutinizing devices etc.

For a Happily Real Monster Ribbon Bar Exception, see:


And for the All Too Usual Insert Puking Smilie Here:


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So......... you really think that repeat spange is real???????????????


It does look kinda crude in detail, yet it is "too far away" to tell for sure.

I think that the second and third bars from the top as well as the bottom one are definately out.

The second one from the top... Is it possible to have all four flower medals/clasp? I know that Himmler wore all three medals, yet that was an exception to the rule.

My problem with the third bar is the NSDAP 15 year ribbon and the RAD Service ribbon. Where is the NSDAP 10 year ribbon?

My problems with the last bar are the three NSDAP service medals and the Heer/KM service medal. That is not possible. My next problem is with the Blood Order Ribbon bar. As far as I know, it was never worn in that manner(on a ribbon bar).

I cannot clearly see all of the devices on the top ribbon bar.

I feel that the fourth bar from the top has a chance... from what I can see.


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"My problem with the third bar is the NSDAP 15 year ribbon and the RAD Service ribbon. Where is the NSDAP 10 year ribbon?" :beer:

"My problems with the last bar are the three NSDAP service medals and the Heer/KM service medal. That is not possible." :beer:

"My next problem is with the Blood Order Ribbon bar. As far as I know, it was never worn in that manner(on a ribbon bar)." :beer:

Except there ARE original-- completely contrary to regulations-- ribbon bar Blood Orders. But this ain't one of them! There was a never ending Official Reaction to improper wear of the Blood Order-- evidence that the problem was real and ongoing.

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Thanks Rick!

What do you think about the possiblities of the LW/Luftschultz bar? Although the combination is very unique, it is possible(?) for a member of the Luftschultz to be a fire fighter? As I understand the Luftschultz, it was largely made up of reactionary citizens... first responders who had regular jobs(teachers, store keepers, and etc). Only the upper echelon had "full time" jobs within the organization.(please correct me if I am wrong). So, if a member of the Luftschultz was a full time fire fighter, that would account for those medals. If the forementioned was possible, he could have volunteered with the LW as the war waged on. Although not a likely combination, but possible?

(or based upon the flower medals, Luftwaffe first then sent home after being wounded and filled the forementioned Luftschultz/Fire Fighter Role?)

I know... I am really pulling deep on this one!!! :-D

What is the middle ribbon and device on the upper bar?

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The "Luftwaffe" ribbon bar? Rather... too much... and in the wrong order.

Ahhhh yes, the ever popular what is supposed to be THIS (rare originals are gilt, not painted, with ENAMEL swastikas as here):


Yup, MANY under 12 years in 1939 army/navy officers had Commander grade Red Cross decorations. Sure. Lots. Riiiight. :beer:

Actually, Joe got it up top-- those are ALL Ohio Parts Fraud bars. :cheers:

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I guess, all of them are not real.

The one, Stogieman posted the closeup from, had a chance, but i think, the spange is the easter-chick spange, if i am not mistaken and the precendence on that bar is wrong, but still not impossible. So i am splitted on that one.

Ok, lets start from the beginning:

First one has that ugly Volkspflege- fake-device on it, so its definately fake.

Second one has four(!!!) campaign-medals(What is Nr. 5?), which was not allowed (2 were allowed) and the SS-device allways makes me suspicous. FAke!

Third one, 10 year NSDAP missing, weird combination, WMC with X and WMC-Medal? Precendence is wrong, oh, yes, i forgot the double devices on the last one and this one has them too, isn?t that strange? Fake!

Forth one has again three campaign Medals, which is highly unlikely... Fake.

Fifth one: See above

Sixth one: You don?t want me to start, right? :cheeky:

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Hello ribboners;

I am trying to expand my collecting interests to stave off some of the winter blues/seasonal adjustment disorder and I am looking at aquiring some ribbon bars. Independant of the ones above I have a question. With relation to the above facts there is mention about the commanders grade of the social welfare decoration. Is the ribbon emblem the same for all the grades of this?

I appreciate that I do not fully understand the context of the one above yet in relation to the other awards in that bar, but the lowest class of the neck version was not as "exclusive" as the others by any means, rarer than the medal of course, but even people like nursing "Schwester's" could recieve this award so it was not a high commanders award specifically. Is it rare on a ribbon bar.

One reason I am interested in collecting in this area is that I am mainly interested in political and civil awards and this may be a way for me to ease into the military side! Next thing I know it will be full size but that is not my intention!!

Ok we all know about the road being paved with good intentions. :unsure:

BUT that aside I am looking for a start to my collection in this sphere, where you guys all seem to have a lot of fun. I am sure I shall be educated here! Any particular recommendations of good dealers of these?

I'm interested in mixes of imp. and 3rd reich not just wartime.


Matt Gibbs

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Actually, the Commander grade Red Cross/Volkspflege WERE a big deal, and could only be awarded in general to... generals or the equivalent.

There was no "Kleindekoration" device on a ribbon bar for the pinback grade, but a wreathed ENAMELLED swastika was the Commander grade device for ribbon bar wear:


This is Luftwaffe medical Lieutenant General Dr. Koschel's. It is very hard to do justice to this TINY device-- blowing it up makes it appear cruder than it actually is. The microscopic black enamel is RAISED above the surface of the gilt metal. This very RARE device is among the most common on fraudulent bars, along with such other gewgaws as Feldherrnhalle Blood Order devices, SS runes and so on. The FAKES are always PAINTED.


Some are complete "scratch" fantasy items roughly approximating a wreathed swastika, but are also still painted.

lately some devices are being CAST in rubber molds or the like from originals, but in order to get the impression, the thief doing this butcher work now chipped out the enamel from a good device so that there is an INDENTED swastika...

all together now


1st Class star and sash "Kleindekoration" has a rayed star behind the ribbon bar device. Good luck finding one of those on a real bar!

As for sources... there is only ONE seller who "specializes" in them, with a Seal Of Approval rating and that is

my own VERY Evil Twin... right here.

For everybody else, ribbon bars are just a minor and "not worth bothering about" sideline.

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Hello Rick!

Am I to assume now that you're not going to "finger" your evil comrade with a name so I can put a fix on him? :unsure:

I agree with your statement about the Ehrenzeichen fur Volkspflege, now I know what you are meaning. I think my confusion comes from the way in which you talk about these. You spoke of Commanders grade and perhaps to me that means something different, because I refer to them as 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class etc etc. I was refering to the 3rd Class wheras you undoubtedly mean the special or first class neck order with the oakleaves I assume?

My reference work on these is in German and so I have to translate it to english also! Fun eh? :blush:

Anyway, many thanks for your hints and information! I am very pleased to learn all I can about ribbon bars. I know what you mean when you said to lots of people they are overlooked. I have been doing that but now I have seen the threads on here and I am getting more interested.

I think I need to do much reading though. I have not seen many dealers in the UK that seems to have many bars for sale, but perhaps some one on here can PM me with the details of some friendly knowlegable dealers and not someone who just wants to blind me in their headlights :P

Kind regards and :beer:

Matt Gibbs

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