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Hi Flak88 !

Here is the brother in bad condition . This badge has had a hird life .

Strange with this Uboot Award is the maker mark on pin .

Has discused badge with Gordon , and sent high quality scan to Him .

Badge is marked "4" on pin !!! But not beleived to be a S&L badge .

Jan Arne

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My vote would still go with Juncker for these. I've seen them with spurious Schwerin marks ( coincidentally, from the same source as original Juncker Aux Cruiser Badges with spurious Schwerin marks).

The first pattern Juncker Bar to the Iron Cross First Class can be found with identical pin/hinge fittings as found on some of this type U-Boat badge.

Jan Arne's badge is unusual, but I don't believe Steinhauer is the maker. The Steinhauer catalogue shows a badge very similar to Schwerin/ Deumer's style, nothing like this.

Even if we don't know with any certainty who made them, they are still one of the nicest of all U-Boat badges, the eagle is awesome.

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The top example, last photo is very close to this one... which I felt strongly was a Juncker-made piece as well! these additional examples tend towards a little more refined/what I would expect. You know me, never say never, but the earlier posted examples sure looked clutzy/crude!!

IPB Image

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