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2 nice medal bars from the Kassel show

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Hi Paul!

Nice bars! :beer::jumping: My congrats! ;)

Too bad, that I couldn't attend the show in Kassel. Do you think that the first bars is researchable? Maybe there's a very slight chance... on the ribbon bar after the FEK (Hinderburg Cross) seems to be a rather unofficial ribbon of the "Denkm?nze ?sterreich Land Tirol 1914/18" (see medal in the enclosure)... strange!



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Nice findings, Paul! I think the 2nd bar maybe easier to research, with the Wilhelmskreuz with swords to an Prussian. I may be wrong, let's wait what others will think about it. ;)

I got only one thing from Kassel, not two. A bit expensive but I really liked it. Hope you like it, too. I was promised I will get the name to it via E-Mail, now hope that will work.

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The medal bars I am narrowing down. The second one I am rather sure I have the guy and the first I have down to a few. The ribbon bar is proving much hard as I need to find a Bayern officer. who was entered service after 1912, stayed in and his unit was in Tyrol. Tough!!! The first bar is probable to a Bayern in IR 21 where the Duke of Mechlenburg was Chef. One of the few man who fit is GL August Schmidt, RKE holder.

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For the first bar with the EK2, BMV4XKr, MMV2, FEKx, DA25, DA12 I have 2 possibilities based upon the Reichwehr Rangliste and the Bayern Militar handbuch. The reason I am working with Bayern is because the Dule of Mechlenberg-Schwerin was the Chef of BIR21. So I need to find a very junior LT who did not have any of the Bayern Jubillee medals and stayed in during the interwar years. The only 2 that fit are August Schmidt, GL and EKRKE holder in 1944 and Wilhelm H?rder Oberst and DKiG with GR95 and IR260. if anyone has any pictures and additional information please post it.

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Ayuh. :catjava:

Now-- you didn't TELL me that some nitwit had twisted off the Wehrmacht eagles from the medal bar BUT

as it happens :rolleyes:

whether they are the center prong or prong on each wing type eagle devices...

I have a matching pair of EITHER

with your name on 'em for the next time you come by-- we'll fix that up, good as new! :cheers:

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Bingo! :jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping:

Quite a shadow projected there but the original image must have come out nicer than that xeroxy looking copy.

You know how we always say what is NOT "on there" is often as important as what IS?

In this case the absence of either a 1905 or 1911 Bavarian Army Luitpold Jubilee Medal does that. Most of the recipients of the BMV4XmKr/MMV2 pair had one of those medals too. That narrowed down our search parameters considerably. :rolleyes:

Likewise, without a PHOTO we are operating blind in the post-1932 world-- no way to tell if somebody had a Sudeten Medal, or wore three foreign WW1 Commemoratives, or....

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I made an 8 hour trip to the US National Archive in College Park, Maryland and was able to copy the service record of August Schmidt. It makes for very interesting reading. Of note is his officer evaluation that are glowing in the beginning of the war and towards the end not so good. It seems that he burned out as a division commander. below is the section where is awards are listed and also a picture of him wearing his awards circo 1920. Of great interest in the pic is his medal bar which does not have any Bayern Jubillee medal.

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Has anybody got a single clue what the beautifully, clearly written entry in his "awards" column is--

"E f. Sch. m. Gew. (27.1.37)" ????????


The ONLY thing this would SEEM POSSIBLE is for some-- VERY Not Official At All At All :speechless::banger:

"Honor Prize for Shooting with a Rifle"

:speechless1::speechless1: :speechless1:

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