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another potential purchase your thoughts

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A fake, or... a real one, applied where it doesn't belong! (Or did he have a non-combat role at Omaheke?! :rolleyes: )

---Cartoonman, Always Open to Possibilities :lol:

The clasp doesn?t look good at all. It was added in the wrong place and not so long ago.

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The picture indeed is poor, but I'm not even sure if I like that SWA medal... it has a "strange" looking...


Well, and not to make anybody worry or anything, but if I had a little more to drink :cheers: , I'd say the crown on my Braunschweig KVK looks a little differnt from this one... not that I can imagine anyone faking one of these!!!

---Bavarian Chauvinist

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.... of course there are fakes from the Braunschweig KVKs around as well!!! You can buy every day a faked 1.class on ebay and the 2.class is around too....

the Omaheke clasp is a type of fake clasp (again - in my eyes it is a faked clasp) that came up in the early 90s - Bernd please correct me if I am wrong.... so it could not have been on there for a long time - that`s what Bernd said... it was 100% added in our times, not 100 years ago....

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