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    ummmmm.. what are they exactly?



    not sure, chris. but i took them to a local show about 6 years ago and a guy that collects this type of thing took a big sniff at them and then starting hollering across the room at his buddies. causing quite a fuss. he wanted to buy them from me right away. if i remember correctly he said they are a type that was only used for a brief period.

    hopefully someone can further elaborate?

    in any case, not my area of interest..just something i've had since i was a teenager

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    • 5 months later...

    Good eyes there Paul. These are fakes. With the piping I would say that somebody was trying to pass them off as SS-Totenkopf collar tabs. If they were trying to impersonate Army panzer collar tabs they would have pink piping, not this.


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    I bought a pair of these many years ago (20?)

    I could never convince myself that they were real and so finally disposed of them.

    I can't remember what the braid was like, but the rear view matches exactly.(Metal and cloth)

    The shape of the patches was the same as luftwaffe ones.

    Which was what I thought I was buying i.e. H.G. Div.(Still not sure about them, as odd things keep cropping up)



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