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    Gents....you are gonna weep at this!

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    As I am now!

    This beautiful bar was damaged in post...just got it this morning and when opening it and

    all the pieces of enamel floating out onto the table( i thank the stars i had the presence of mind to stand over a table when opening it!)

    It would have been my first enamel piece...i was just getting into these and i like bars...and...the rest is history....blame the slippery slope! ( you guys know....)

    The seller has been informed and geniunely shares my greif at such a travesty

    and is prepared to take it back! a true Gentleman!

    Regards ....and still weeping...... :(


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    But you could take it to a jeweler and get the enamel repaired. It would protect the historical integrity of the piece.

    It is a nice navyish" bar by the way. A real shame. :(

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    Hi Don, I think the cheapest option would be to simply buy a loose HHK and replace it. Perhaps the seller will refund part of the price. Alternately, make a claim on the insurance but usually if you do that they will take the damaged piece. Or, you could argue that it's fixable for $50 and take a partial claim on the insurance. I've seen them do that as well.

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    Replace it on the bar, but keep the damaged one as an "anatomy lesson". If it weren't for this piece which, although much more easily reparable, I intend to keep as is, I wouldn't know that there were numbers scratched in the back of the core.

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    Good Morning Gents,

    Thankyou for your constructive replies.

    The seller has offered $100USD back on it or he will take it back, and give a full refund.

    After a long deliberation..( i slept on it )i decided to take the sellers offer of the $100USD in the form of another medalbar..( slippery slopes got me now!)

    And i will try to get the enamel repaired, as upon inspection...this bar is quite unusual.

    Methinks that this recipient must have had these medals mounted Baverian style before adding the Hindenburg cross, as the bar has the prongs on the back (5 of them) for the suspension of the medals from the back of the bar......and when he decided to add the HK, the bar was taken to a Jeweller and the style changed to the furled parade ribbon type. and as a result of this...the medals were sewn to a strip of cloth (on the front)which in turn, is sewn to the bars backing plate.

    So to cut a long story short....to replace the Hamburg...i will have to cut where it is attached and try to replace the medal and get it to hang in there somehow....

    Oh! and another discovery...the EK, seems to be made of the later 1939 frames...as it is quite a bit larger than the 1914 frames.

    all in all...i hope the seller learns to package this sort of thing more efficiently....we collectors cannot handle the anguish of seeing our charges damaged in this way....



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    Wow, a $100 credit on another bar is very generous. I still think the better alternative is replacing it. One HHK is the same as another... I think you will be hard pressed to find someone capable of the repair and probably not real happy with the results....

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    Guest Rick Research

    The damaged HH is a three ringer, not a 2 ringer. The two ring types have rings like the Iron Cross, while the 3 ring type shows "O" on the top arm.

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    lovely bar, rick!

    may we see the reverse?

    i have seen some "do-it-yourself"

    enamel repair kits.... NOT for

    the faint-hearted or picky....

    i think you'll do better to find a replacement.


    i have a GREAT idea!

    i'll send you a loose HHK, rick sends

    me that bar he just posted, and he gets

    the satisfaction of knowing how happy everyone is!!!

    COOL, huh???!!?

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    Of course, I am torn as what if the new bar really belonged to this guy?? He made the new one (minty fresh you see) to replace the old one (minty fresh you see) because of the boo-boo in mounting precedence........... Or, maybe I have a basement full of elves churning these out on demand... :P

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    Joe, the sizes are as follows, using my trusty Vernier calipers...

    Width of the whole cross....43.7mm side to side and 44mm top to bottom

    Each arm and its widest point 26.2mm

    Whereas a 1914 cross is @23.3mm and the overall size is 43.2mm and 43.3mm respectively.

    And yes i agree, it is a good solution.

    Rick, yes you are correct, it is the three ring cross, i thought i was referring to this type of cross when i said 2 ring...

    But are these '3' ring crosses more rare?

    Jim, i am waiting for the HH in the mail...hee hee!



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