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    Thanks for your comments. Indeed the first officer has got SA3a m. Kr. The most i!portant is the fact he received the SV3aX. This example is against the rules. For recognition of bravery, the officer can received lower medals and then higher. But it's not the case here. He probably received SH3, then SA3ax and then crown to his SA3aX. Thsi man is probably a captain or a Major.


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    I think the postcard is addressed to Herrn Oberzollsekret?r Ludwig Eibenstein in Jena

    I have not figured out the sender yet (terrible writing) whoever it was he served in 1923 in the (s?chsisches) Infanterie Regiment 11

    I think he served during the war in I.R.107 (the picture must be from that time)

    ... what a handwriting - I have to stop now - my eyes are hurting

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    There are two men with the name Eibenstein with the St. Henry.

    Rudolf and Benno Eibenstein. I think they must be brothers, because they have the same place of birth.

    And the men in the pic could be brothers, ...

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