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    Can I ask how you mount the bars to the black backing of the case?

    Thank you! I found these great cases at Michael's hobby stores (for those of you who are familiar with them), that are actually deep shadow boxes (that way the medals can swing freely when hung on the wall, and don't get smashed by the glass). I remove the backs (which are a thin but sturdy Styrofoam under a wooden backing), wrap the Styrofoam in faux black velvet I find out local fabric shops, and then pin the bars through the Styrofoam.

    The pins can't be clasped back together to the clasp, so to keep them from flopping around; I sew the clasp down to the Styrofoam mount by running a few strands of thread behind the medals and tie down the loose clasp end. The back doesn't look too pretty, but when you put everything back together in the case, and place the wood backing on it, you can't see a thing.

    It takes a few hours to do up a case, and since it takes some time and I don’t like removing the back once everything is in place, I only put together one when I have enough medals to fully complete the case.


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    Thanks everyone! Not as fancy as some groups that others of you have, but I enjoy them! biggrin.gif I myself am especially fond of the older (pre-WWI) groups.

    One thing I had decided to do, when I focused my interest on the German part of my Imperial medals collecting, was only deal with those items that were parade/court mounted. It makes things a little more difficult when trying to add to my collection, but to me they feel more "historic" then non-mounted medals, or just medals with a ribbon stuck on a ring.


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    Congratulations, you've definitely got the bug ;)

    A suggestion: on my hanging cases I make little hooks out of stainless steel wire and push them through a fabric covered foam core backing, then hang the pins over them. with little toggle thingies holding the backing they can be easily removed for photographing/scanning/inspecting, or just fondling :whistle: and easily replaced.

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