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    Non-com medal bar opinions and medal I.D.

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    Hi y'all

    I'm a bit new to the bar-game.... so I would welcome some opinions on this non-com bar with a nice 'J Godet' metal plate on the reverse.

    Also, if someone could ID the last medal for me, eternally greatfull I will be. Yes, I will.



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    Hi Marshall, yes, very nice and real bar. Typical Godet work/backing. Glad I decided not to bid at the last minute! One of us would have payed a lot more!

    I love it! I am new to Imperial so please forgive yet another simple question...

    Is this bar tracable because of the W?rttemberg Wilhelmscross ?


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    Guest Rick Research

    We don't have any W?rttemberg rolls published! :( Which is too bad, since at under 2,000 awarded, a civilian War Merit Wilhelmskreuz like this compares readily in rarity to alllllll sorts of things that "demand" pays much more for-- despite being a lot more (sniff) common. (All that glisters in Imperial is NOT ... gold. :ninja: )

    This guy was obviously a Prussian national, making the Wilhelmskreuz even more unusual as a non-native's award.

    As Consolation Prizes :cheeky: go, I'd say your second choice medal bar is spectacular!!! :cheers::jumping::love:

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