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    Very interesting picture Andy!

    "Cirkus Breuning" of Sturmbataillon 16 - is what the group calls themselves - perhaps Breuning is the name of the leader, the NCO in the picture.

    The commander of SB16 was Rittmeister Henke. I will post more info of SB16 tomorrow.


    Could you post a close-up of these shoulder-straps

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    I have a copy of a Militaer=Pass of a machine gunner of Sturm=Bataillon Nr. 5 (Rohr) , given to me by a kind e-friend, and the impression I had from studing it was that the machine gunners were supplied to this unit by some sort of outside entity. Possibly a MG school that also acted like a Ersatz=Bataillon? Anyone have an idea on this?

    Bob Lembke

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    I just found out that Major Henke was the second commander of Sturmbataillon 16.

    The first commander of StB 16 was Major Ludwig von Breuning.

    Von Breuning commanded the StB 16 from Dec 1916 until May 1918. During the 12th Isonzo battle, Oct. to Dec. 1917, he led a detachment consisting of 2.(w) Kompanie Stb16, Flammwerferzug StB16 and several companies of StB14. The group called itself Sturmbataillon von Breuning.

    On March 28, 1918 Major Ludwig von Breuning took command of the Württenberg Gebirgsbataillon and in May of the same year he took over as commander of Reserve Infanterie Regiment 121.

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    Hi Hardy!

    Thanx a lot for the informations! Right yesterday I bought myself a book about the Sturmbataillon 16! So I wanted to update my question too. Thanx for doing that for me... 2014.gif

    Andy, did you get this one?


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    If you are interested in Sturmbataillone, I can recommend the following (if you are able to speak french...)

    Jean-Claude Laparre: Les "Gladiateurs" - Les formations offensives dans l´armée allemande 1914-1918


    I have it alredy, another good book indeed! :cheers:

    I will send you a pm

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    Ciao Naxos, is possible have a scan of this page of the book?

    8.6 Die Teilnahme der 2. (württ.) Sturmkompanie beim Durchbruch
    am Isonzo 1917 70


    I'm digitizing a nice panel with 24 photographs concerning the Sturm Batallion 16 in Italy and I'm collecting information. As soon as I have done the job I will publish it on my website:






    Thi is on of 24 photos


    And this is the recto,

    The translation:

    X: mein Herr Leutnant W.Wuehrer, Sturmbatl. 16

    "Staff of Assault-Battalion of the Armygroup
    Herzog Albrecht , in front of
    our accomodation in
    Conegliano, Italy"

    Senza titolo-1 IR.jpg

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    Hello, I am sharing the photo I have of the SB16, my friends on Flickr told me that this technique was not in the book so I find it interesting to add it here.

    The photo showing a technique of crossing barbed wire. Soldiers are equipped with grenade bags, rifles and leather knee pads also each carry a kind of ladder. The first poses it on the barbed wire then they advance, make go up the other ladders towards the front then the pose and so on.
    I have not seen any other photos yet about this technique, but I do not have any documentation.
    According to the seller it is a training of the SturmBataillon n°16.




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    On 30/01/2021 at 20:46, Chris Boonzaier said:

    I wonder if the ladders are practicle? Would they be heavy enough to push the wire down?

    I honestly do not think so, because with the width of the barbed wire networks it would take a lot of ladders and then it would take a lot of time while standing. Moreover, if the wires are well stretched with the stakes well placed I am not sure that the weight of a person is sufficient to put the ladder on the ground. Unstable and exposed. Also as I haven't seen any other photos yet, I guess the concept did not work out very well. In addition on the photo we see that the stakes are apart and that there is not too much wire and yet it is already complicated for the second ladder.

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