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    Good Morning Gentlemen,

    more goodies have arrived!

    The Bavarian trio ..the third medal is the Signum Memoriale which is wrong...

    i need to replace it with a Bavarian 9yr.... does anyone have one for me?

    I like this bar...as it is one of the few i have...that does not have the HK on it!

    The second is a well made bar with the ribbons tightly furled around the bar.



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    That Bavarian one should be mine. :love: I have the almost identical ribbon bar and a framed photo of the Bavarian NCO wearing it. The frame is Black with an Iron Cross unfortunately, which means he didn't make it. He did not have the crown though.

    Dan Murphy

    Edited by Daniel Murphy
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    Cheers Gents,

    Daniel, would the ribbon bar then have swords and crown on it to denote the MVO with Crown and swords?

    Would love to see the framed pic.... :)

    Otto, i have one too! and i do love these medals as well. i have another on a pre 1900 three place bar and on a 6 placer with EKII, FAK, HH, HK+X, 25Yr LS, Centar...

    Heres my little Centarmedaille after a carefull clean! and a wee minature bow ribbon.. neat eh!



    PS: No-one got a Bavarian 9Yr sevice medal for me?

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    That's a beauty Jens....it seems the detail on the Prinzgrosse Centenary is much finer than the standard sized version...

    Lucky for me this one is mounted in the middle of the bar, with the "foreign" awards after it, an almost perfect balancing act!

    cheers Jason

    Edited by Jason
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