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    Mongolian Title of Merit


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    • 10 months later...

    The section of the "Sky Blue Bible" that deals with these is quite rich, but also quite complex, far more than just the "simple" linguistic issues. This will take some time to disentangle.

    I am, however, hoping to get an early translation of at least one table (p. 184):

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    • 1 month later...

    The section of the "Sky Blue Bible" that deals with these is quite rich, but also quite complex, far more than just the "simple" linguistic issues. This will take some time to disentangle.

    I am, however, hoping to get an early translation of at least one table (p. 184):

    I received my Blue Bible and suspect the table provides more detail on the split of the A8 into following award reasons as highlighted by Battushig already:

    Merit in Arts 1941

    Meritorious Teacher 1942

    Meritorious Sport Trainer 1957

    Merit in Human Medicine 1960

    Meritorious Sport Master 1960

    Merit in Veterinary Medicine 1961

    Merit in Zoological Technology 1961

    Merit in Construction 1963

    Meritorious Pilot 1965

    Meritorious Airplane Technician 1965

    Merit in Culture 1966

    Merit in Transport 1966

    Merit in Telecommunication 1967

    Merit in Irrigation 1968

    Meritorious Lawyer 1970

    Merit in Trade 1970

    Merit in Science 1971

    Meritorious Miner 1971

    Merit in Economy 1971

    Merit in Forestry 1974

    Meritorious Agriculturoal Mechanic Worker 1974

    Merit in Agronomy 1974

    Merit in Industry 1976

    Merit in Weather Forecasting 1976

    Merit in Service 1978

    Merit in Collectivization 1979

    Merit in Health Production ?

    Note the only awarded one (in Ed's collection: 26 June 1981, for excellent work in collective farms - number 607... perhaps a useful indication for other titles and their possible award reason.

    Presumably the table relates to the institution of new reasons for awarding of this title (the reasons listed by Battushig)... and it APPEARS to give a nr of awards per reason.

    This award has for some reason not gotten a lot of "high profile" in collecting - not enough enamel I guess :unsure:

    ...but given that it appears that there may only be 1662 awarded (? at time of Blue Bible), that the document for receiving such an award is quite beautiful compared with others and the fact that we now have a POSSIBILITY (a lot easier if documented award :banger: ) of figuring out with the Blue Bible who was awarded it... I'm sure this nice "little" Tilte of Merit will be getting more attention in the future. The Blue Bible certainly has quite some pictures of recipients (with bio next to it) which makes me VERY curious as to the background.

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    • 5 months later...

    bump - just because i like this award and it continues to spark my curiosity :cheers:

    difficult to find numbered ones nowadays, nota bene had one for sale but not as cheap as in past anymore and was sold before i spotted it :banger:

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    • 1 month later...

    If anyone can read this, I think it would be a useful step toward understanding these awards in historical context:

    Бичгийн гавьяаны одон тэмдэг шагнах тухай дүрэм [Rules for Awarding Ordens for Honored for Writing] (1926)


    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    • 4 months later...
    • 2 months later...

    We need to have another look at these A8's:

    Dark enamel in center:

    - 0244 hand-engraved top one with square pinback

    - 706 rotating tool engraved bottom one with round pin back

    Light enamel in center

    - no number for top one (round pin-back)

    - 508 rotating tool engraved bottom one (round pin-back)

    No enamel in center

    - hand-engraved number 0114 (some sort of pin-back)

    Soon I will be receiving number 0022 which (from pictures seen sofar) is handengraved, with round pinback and as of yet undetermined color enamel.

    Perhaps somebody is $%^&* with our mind on this medal just like on the Polar Star! Why does it have to be so complicated! <img src="http://gmic.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/speechless.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":speechless:" border="0" alt="speechless.gif" />

    Time to revisit this award after seeing something new / interesting on eBay. I suspect the light/dark enamel is just an insignificant difference and we have to go back to:

    hand-engraved number, always with 4 digits, known examples ranging from 0008 - 0407

    rotating-tool serial, always with 3 digits, known examples ranging from 452 - 786

    And then something weird / new on eBay: 3 digits, rotating tool engraved, "No 815"

    Not sure what to think of this... too bad we've seen so few documents coming out in the open is perhaps the best answer!

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    Hi there Bob,

    This seller has attempted to sell some BAD stuff in the past!!! Here and on Ebay...

    This looks like total BS to me...

    Pardon my French!

    I just dont like it...



    ps. took some scans and really bad pics for the suurin baldan thread, will post them in a bit.

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    I guess there's still the chance of new types popping up despite the hard work on this site last couple of years to document all types. However, sometimes indeed circumstances lead one to have to be suspicious... in general this award (unless with a matching document) i suspect may have badly numbered examples... on the other hadn, have yet to see duplicates.

    Looking forward to your additions to Suurin Baldan thread (of course:))

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    • 2 years later...
    • 8 years later...


    Finally got what appears to be a 'silver' badge for the Title of People's Merit. Only 2nd o 3rd time I've seen one of those in the market and very rare (based on the Blue Bible, less than 100 awarded). Unfortunately undocumented.

    The serial number of 7757 is 'odd' to say the least but an explanation will follow.

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    Here an explanation from "the expert" on this

    "The badge of People’s Honored did not come to life until 1980s. Prior to that a person who was bestowed the title of Peoples Honored was awarded the Badge of the Honored. Therefore, the person who was awarded the title of Honored was given the corresponding medal. If the same person was bestowed a title of Peoples Honored, he/she used to get the same medal received previously. Please see the attached photo. 

    Therefore, the numbering for the title holders of Honored and Peoples honored got mixed up which led to this confusing serial numbering."
    So it really does sound like the Battushig A7 and A8 got mixed up (with initially A7's being awarded to people given the title for A8 well before an actual A8 was created) and this is driving a serial number 'mess'.
    The A8 is very prestigious though with (based on the Blue Bible list of less than 100 awardees) only a very limited number of people having been awarded this title annually. On the one hand a pity that we don't have a better way to get the background stories (only the lucky cases which have a document connected to the badge can be found back in the Blue Bible) as these are super rare. On the other hand, it's puzzling to me that Mongolia already had so many different awards (like State Prize for example) and just kept adding and adding. Makes me wonder about the criteria for being awarded X vs. Y.
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