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SWEDEN - Grand Cross Box


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Possibly the Order of the North Star... here's one I found which has a base that looks the same other than being in a different color... which, if the same with many other countries is simply a manufacturer's variation of the cases.


Seems to have the same shape, marks of the balls finials, etc.

Hoping this helps but I'm sure someone with more knowledge in the area of Swedish ODM's will jump in soon. :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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Dear Friends ,

If someone can can identify this SWEDISH Box , i will be very happy.

Thanks In Advance .


Hello avsaribar!

I don't know what exactly was in it, but it was issued during the reign of king Gustaf V (1907-1950).


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Too bad, the class and identity would easily be established by this sticker. They can be peeled off, but occasionally remnants are still present. The enclosed image illustrate a Commander 2nd class of the Order of Vasa with the sticker in green. The Order of the Sword came in yellow and the North Star in black.

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Yes. It's smaller than the Commander 1st class or Grand Cross (128mmx90mm). The enclosed Knight of the North Star is 100mmx60mm and it has no number prefix, as it came in only one class (gold). Both the Order of the Sword and Order of Vasa had a Knight 2nd class in silver.

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