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    Unidentified WW1 Kaiserlich Deutsches Heer Signatures

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    4 Garde Regt zu Fuss in July 1917


    Could probably go in the World War II signatures as well:

    Wilhelm Adolf Reinhard, 18.3.1869-18.1.1955

    char. Gen.d.Inf. - 18.3.39

    SS-OGruf - 9.11.41

    Gen.d.Inf. - 1.3.43

    Member of the Reichstag, 1936-45

    Head of the Kyffhäuserbund, 1934-1943

    Pour le mérite with Oakleaves, etc.

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    The famous 24th IR


    Matthias Feuerheerd

    26 IR date unknown


    Paul Friedrich Grautoff

    34th Füsilier Regt

    Dec 1916


    Hans Wilhelm Otto von Lengerke, 12.4.1874-12.5.1933



    Hans von Troilo, 25.11.1865-21.1.1934

    Pour le mérite on 5.7.18

    54ir, can it be "Walter" ?


    You got it. Richard Walter, died 31.8.1922.



    Max Hans von Fabeck

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