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    Unidentified WW1 Kaiserlich Deutsches Heer Signatures

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    Georg Schmidt



    Maj. von der Lochau

    I don't know his first name. He was a Hauptmann in IR 167, promoted Major on 27.1.15, and later commander of the Ersatz battalion of IR 83. He was placed z.D. on 12.3.18 and was named the Bezirkoffizier of Landwehrbezirk II Bochum.

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    A few:



    Not completely sure, but appears to be Eberhard Freiherr Göler von Ravensburg (1870-1918). A Hauptmann in LGR 109 in 1914, he was promoted to Major in October 1914, and served with several Baden regiments before being killed as commander of RIR 109.



    Appears to be Karl Voelkle, from IR 170.



    There were lots of Westernhagens, but I'm pretty sure this is Thilo Udo Max Eugen von Westernhagen. He seems to be the one with the right rank and Hesse regimental connection. Heinrich von Westernhagen was a Major in IR 115 in 1914, but was promoted to Oberstleutnant on 8.11.14.



    Hans Melchers

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    A few additions:

    #85 (IR 18) is Karl Wilsdorff

    #86 (IR 107) is Hans von Zanthier

    #90 (IR 116) is Heinrich von Westernhagen. He was commander of II./IR 115 in May 1914

    #91 (IR 137) is Leutn. Weyer (no first name)


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    #90 (IR 116) is Heinrich von Westernhagen. He was commander of II./IR 115 in May 1914

    #90 isn't Heinrich. He was already an Oberstleutnant in 1916 when the document is dated, and was promoted to Oberst on 18.7.17. He was commander of II./IR 115 before the war, but on mobilization he became commander of I./RIR 116.

    As I said, I am pretty sure this is his rather distant cousin Thilo Udo Max Eugen, Thilo, born 23.11.1869, was a junior Major on the staff of IR 115 in 1914, and he went to war with the regiment's Füsilier battalion. Thilo was a Major through most of the war, and was discharged on 11.10.17 as a char. Oberstleutnant (later getting the postwar "bump" to Oberst a.D.).

    As far as I can tell, the other Majors von Westernhagen on 12.9.16 were:
    • Julius Theodor, Franco-Prussian War veteran, Maj.z.D. and Kdr. Mob. Etappen-Kommandantur 11, IV.A.K.
    • Oskar Heinrich Helenus, Franco-Prussian War veteran, Maj.a.D., Lazarett-Zug Q1
    • Ernst Gustav Thilo, a Rittm.a.D., formerly with DR 14, promoted to char. Maj.a.D. on 22.5.15 while with the Mun.-Kol. u. Tr., XV.R.K., later with LIR 80
    • Friedrich August Christoph, Franco-Prussian War veteran, char. Maj.a.D. on 27.1.15, commander of several Landsturm battalions before his death in 1918. (2. LdstIB Dortmund VII/47, LdstIB Hersfeld XI/7, and 2.LdstIB Wesel VII/72).


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