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    Here's the reverse

    By the way, the rusty looking FJ underneath has been through the time machine aging process and was all brand new and shiny only a couple of days ago (its a repro as is the airborne helmet)

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    Gone right round in full circle, so I'll make this one the last as I'm sure ya'll have seen enough

    1943 dated British MkII done up with the 7th Armoured Division or better known as the Desert Rats, along with an Africa Star campaign medal

    Thanks all

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    Guest Rick Research

    Man, I hope you are signing and dating your work--because collectors generations from now are going to be wondering who the Unknown Magician was, else.

    Awesome in the ancient sense: inspiring fearful, uncomprehending astonishment and bewildered wonder.

    My pitiful two cents worth:

    CALENDARS of photographs of these


    That way you get the "down market" who could not afford the real thing, while dramatically increasing business. You've found an improbable/"impossible" métier unlike anyone else. Unique doesn't do your work credit.

    And stop erasing/destroying your "rejects!!!!!!!"

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    Good shout doing prints and calendars. Thanks.

    I'll talk nicely to the administrative staff and get her to put a few pictures on the site with signed and numbered prints. Who wants one?

    Thankee again


    Edited by Spasm
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    At last, I've discovered how to make paint craze so that it looks old. Tried all sorts of methods then found out you can buy it over the counter at art shops.

    A reproduction that I've painted as a Luft winter camo

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