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Prison Guard Clothes from the Kádár Era

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Prison Guard Major - Female


There is a service tunic with skirt (and grey shirt with dark blue tie), a parade tunic, and a wintercoat in the set.

All pieces are in very nice condition, the buttons and shoulderboards are simply flawless, as if these clothes hadn't been put on more than a few times.

First, the service tunic and a couple of details:



You can see the dark blue piping on the top of the collar and the same coloured lining on the shoulderboard. The gilt button on the latter has the 1957-type crest. On the collar, you can see the branch sign of the prison/correction authorities (The sign is identical to the one on the left side of the collar; a shield with a §-sign and two rifles crossed behind the shield). On the right bust there are two loopholes for (probably a qualification) badge.

The parade tunic:




The tunic differs from the first in both fabric and pattern, but also has the nice buttons, boards and signs. It has the loopholes for the badge, as well.

The third one is the wintercoat:


It has the same accessories as the tunics, but doesn't have the dark blue piping around the collar. It was made from a very heavy, thick fabric. Once it had a removable padding,but it did not came with the piece to me.

And some details:


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I am unable to see the pictures that you have posted. I am also interested in Prison Guards uniforms and would really like to see what yours look like. I can see photos on other threads.



Edited by Gordon Craig
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Sorry, Gordon. I don't know what the problem is... :(

I paste the links to the images here as they were posted above:



The service tunic:



The parade tunic:




The coat:



And I'd welcome any info on the pieces above, as well as I would like to see your ones, too.

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Sorry but I still can not see your photos. I've tried both my laptop and my desktop and neither one is able to open the fotos you have posted.

I don't have any prison guard uniforms. I bought a heavy grey wool uniform at the monthly show in Budapest about four or five years ago that the vendor said was for a prison guard but I don't think that it is. The markings on the inside indicate it was for a hospital of some kind. There are loops for shoulder boards but no boards on the tunic when I bought it.



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Today I had the chance to take a look at the posts from one the court's computers and Gordon was right: the images in the first post didn't came through, but the imageshack ones worked fine.

I am happy you can see them at last. :)

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