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    Have been reading the back pages... being more of a document guy I am no authority on the Badge side of things.

    It seems the kaiser approved the FW badge... but turned down the the Rohr Badge idea.

    Rohr guys wore it anyway.

    The crux of the matter for me is still... is it supposed to be a crown Prince monagram... or a Kaiser Wilhelm monogram?

    It still looks Wilhelm II to me...

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    It is the King's monogram - Wilhelm II, King of Prussia and German Kaiser

    The crown prince supported the bestowal of the badge but Wilhelm II never officially approved it.

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    This is the bit I found interesting here.

    Back to the old 'Minenwerfer/Flammenwerfer' connection .............. and a non-standard TK. :)

    I am guessing the Trupp was so small they had to tack them onto another unit.. are you sure there is a difference in skulls, as opposed to it being seperated from its backing?

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    If doc.is good (and previously undocumented) :), chances are badge is also good.


    That is a jump of Logic that is often pretty dangerous.

    My gut feeling is the badge with the doc is OK... but if I was to ever have another FW badge it would have to correspond 100 to the example you and chip have.

    Basically it is a cut out small bit of cloth... anyone can do it and after 5-10 tries... they should be able to get it right.

    So, even if the skull is good (and it very probably is) I would maybe pass on it for the 2% of doubt that bugs me.

    The black one has the 98% - 2% ratios reversed for me... ;-)

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    What a strange idea to halve the badge and sew the crown under the W!

    With a real Entnobilierung, the crown would just have been cut off.

    I am guessing they were seperated from their original piece of cloth and just sewn on to that one to prevent the pieces getting seperated then lost?

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    This style "W" was one of the Kaiser's several styles of royal cyphers. It was used on his jubilee commemorative badge and also as the cypher of the Mecklenburg Füsilier Rgt. Nr. 90. See attached shoulder strap examples. The crown on the straps is the Kaiser crown, but it is the same cypher. I believe this is the same style "W" that was embossed on the leather tobacco pouches that the crown prince gave the troops as part of a Christmas gift to members of the 5th army.

    I suppose it is possible that the crown prince, having the same name "Wilhelm" as his father, might use the same cypher, but in conjunction with another crown. The thing is, I have never seen a metal crown insignia (shoulder strap size) that was of a princely crown. Might he have used the king's crown in lieu of that?



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