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Order of the Mejidie Grand Cross breast star & Sweden Nordstjärneorden


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What do you think about these awards, one of them is Turkish but the other one I don't know.

When where they made, are they genuine and what was their awards criteria?

Also interested in any value information, not high dealer price but collector to collector price.

So basically any in information would be greatly appreciated



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From the images you have provided the Medjidjie star appears to be real. The other star is the Commander's star of the Swedish Order of the North Star.

For the Turkish piece ought to be around $1000 for the Swedish $300-400

Hope this is of help.


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The North Star Order [Nordstjärneorden] star is a grand cross star [has rays between the cross arms], so-called first type [with pierced construction dates before 1920-1950, depending on which authority you cite!] May have hallmarks on pin hinge or underside of pin.

This Order called Order of the Polar Star in some translations.

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After commenting 2 professional dealers as Paul and Avşar, it may not be appropriate but may I ask ? Are the photos given above for the Ottoman Mejidi, reverse and obverse, exactly same position?

If they are, the centre piece is not in the correct position, the top layer for sure is not. But it is an original piece.


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