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    Hi guys,

    I am new here aswell, and also new in the "U-boat department" although I have been collecting Iceland related WWII stuff for years. There are a number of U-boat?s related to, or operated near Iceland, so I have become a big fan. Here is a small shot of one side of my collection storage room...soon to be "filled" with U-boat / KM items :)

    Hinrik Steinsson


    Aviation War History Museum (project)



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    Hello Hinrik and wellcome here and to the Kriegsmarine/U-Boot collecting world. About the stopwach, is one of the most nice and rare that you can find, but I think that it was used only by u-bootjagd vessels and not by the u-boot.

    Wellcome again and regards.


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    I got this Silver cup on Ebay. Seller also had a photo album from U-48, but I missed out on that. The photo shown came with it. Do you guys know the men in the photo? Is is Herbert Schultze?

    The cup is nicely engraved with the 7th Flottila emblem, orignally designed for Gunther Prien if I am not mistaken. Still waiting for it in the mail.

    It has "54.700 to" engraved on it. I was wondering if this could of been made in honor of Herbert Schultze?s second patrol, but with a slightly over estemated tonnage sunk? Actual tonnage after second partol was:

    51.930. What do you guys think?


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    "O. K. H" dataplate. I spoke to Paul Darcy, U-boat collector in Ireland, and he said that his lamp is also with this marking. Can anyone explain why the Heer would have a searchlamp marked for "marine"?

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    Just acuired this one also, from a Dr. working on a U-boat. Nice "U" stamp and uniform photo.

    Well...that is about it, but I guess I am off to a good start, considering on 2-3 months of collection U-boat stuff. This will be in our future museum in Iceland.

    Looking forward to see your replies.

    Hinrik Steinsson

    Reykjavik Iceland

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    Thanks for the photos and info. So this lamp was used as a signaling device?

    Your collection is great, thanks for sharing. I have been told that the Tachretter was used after the war. Do you think this one is post war?



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