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    Hello Gordon,

    As you asked.

    8 x 60 Komandanten glass with code maker CXN, rarer than the BLC.



    Quite fabulous. For anyone not familiar with these special U-Boat binoculars, they are incredibly rare and desirable. Most Binos used on U-Boats were just regular Navy issue, but these are specially designated U-Boat binoculars with the disticntive grey green coating.

    If I was offered the chance to obtain a Knights Cross, or a set of these Binos, I'd go for the Binos every time. Wonderful !!!

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    Hello from Sapin, I'm new in this forum and I can see that is the first one that has a special section for the Kriegsmarine, so I hope that we will share many information about uniforms, caps, equipment, ...

    Here some of the stopwaches in my collection.

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    Sorry Michel, but I can not check the serial number because both Junhans stopwatches, the black one and the silver one with 30 seconds dial, were changed some time ago for other items. Now I still have two Junhans with black case but only with the more simple eagle on the back side without numbers. One of them has the KM on the dial. I will be out for two weeks in my hollydays, when I return home I will show you them.

    You are right and both came from Belgium. Do you have any "information" about this? Is there any "problem" with them?



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    Michel, can you telm me something else about this. I have to supouse that the chronos are postwar (by the serial number) and the back stamps are not original. Is this true?, ... excl.gif please tell me something else.

    Here one Junhans, not in my collection now, with two arrows, what do you think about it? the movement is marked with 29a II and serial number 47119.

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    My anemometer is marked with an eagle and MSS.

    I have Hans Seegers book about the binoculars and the MSS is also shown and mentioned in there but the meaning is still a mistery..

    Possible is Marine Signal Station which i don't believe,

    Maybey something wich ends with "Schule" from school..

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