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    SS Uniform Insignia query

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    Yes '12 a bucket full showed up and everyone and his aunt went ape, meanwhile the dealers were checking out beach house prices in Malibu. Sorry they were grotesque dimension off and made from the wrong material.


    Unfortunately two authorities on these pieces are no longer with us. I can't speak for what was happening in the rest of Europe but first replicas started showing in England around 1968-71 following 'regalia' publications.

    It was part of those wonderful yet dying days of when a low cost replica was considered cool and authentic items sorted separate, and we rarely uttered the word 'fake'.


    P.F. try contacting member Robin on the history of them for who was allowed and who wasn't allowed to wear its a complex subject 'SS',,,, can take a lifetime to study in detail. imo.

    I don't think they were worn generally on the 'mess-jackets' its a different garment altogether and I hate the word tuxedo its too broad a term.


    Interesting subject.



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    The evening dress TK badge was just a variation designed specifically for that particular piece of uniform.

    No special meaning.

    These are very rare and have been heavily faked.




    Thank you for posting and for clearing this up. You have answered my query perfectly. :)




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