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    Pictures of Numbered medals required for book

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    Hi everyone sorry for the recent absence, all work and no play etc, anyways I have request to ask. Does anyone have any pictures I can borrow/copy please of either a numbered Purple Heart or Silver Star or even both? I only require the numbered edge of the medal for a book I am about to hopefully publish on U S military medals. I will of course acknowledge the owner of the pictures. Have already spoken to a publisher but need to finish off and cross the T' s and dot the lower case j's. Many thanks in advance.



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    Thanks Tim I have one picture I need to get permission for. One of the reasons I asked was to make sure whomever allowed me to use their picture I would acknowledge but point taken and I will review all the pictures before I send to the publisher and if in doubt leave it out. I thought it only right though to ask permission as I have posted pictures on this forum before and seen them used by others. Now I don't mind but would have been nice to be asked first but there you have it.

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    Understand completely and some sites do not block search engines like Google, so the images posted in forums are more than often available for anyone to see doing a basic search.  I personally don't like that but its all up to the site whether or not that option is allowed.  Either way, you own the rights to the PIC's you take/make regardless.

    Good luck!


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