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    Can anyone please tell me what these are exactly?

    I believe Prussian 1915 style tabs but how do Imperial tabs work? Branch specific or anything like that, i.e. Infantry or Artillery? Are these just standard Army?

    William Kramer



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    Hi, just now say this reply. Those appear to be Imperial German M15 pattern tabs.Where did you find them?

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    Posted (edited)
    On 05/05/2024 at 14:56, ccj said:

    Those appear to be Imperial German M15 pattern tabs.

    I don´t think so.

    The only green tabs for Generals I have seen are from WW2 and were worn by police-generals. German General tabs of WW1were generally red.

    But if you know better, let me know and I´ll learn sth. new.


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    Posted (edited)

    Not imperial. Probably repro, perhaps East German (although I couldn't find this branch color on a quick search).


    Broadly speaking, imperial general officer's tabs varied by state (Bavaria, Prussia, Saxony etc.) and by the charge (general, Generaladjutant etc.) held by the general officer concerned, not by branch.






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    They're most likely reproduction but are, imo, made to represent M15 pattern generals collar tabs for the field tunic (bluse). After the war the collar color changed to a darker shade green.  


    Below is example in silver thread for Bavarian general for wear on the Bavarian M16 bluse (ex Karel collection). Prussian, Saxon, Württemberg generals wore gold on reseda green base as Sandro illustrates in his post.


    I hope this helps explain 




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