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    Leutnant d. R HAns Gottfried von Haebler new discovery

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    Hi everybody

    I have received this nice photo recently and this nice officer shows his nice ribbon bar with SH3, SV3bX, SA3bX and EK2.

    In the O’Connor’s book, Aviation awards of Imperial Germany, vol. 3 on page 120 to 122 there is a small bio of this man. Here I don’t want to rewrite it.

    Only one question is important, did he receive the knight cross of House order of Hohenzollern? Indeed O’Connor said that the photo supply more information.

    To receive the knight cross with swords of House order of Hohenzollern in 1917, the officer should have 12 confirmed victories and this number grows up in 1918 (to 20 confirmed victories). Of course some Hohenzollern awards were immediate reward and some staff officer in aviation unit received it but this is not the case of von Haebler.

    So how a man with only 8 victories should received this order. So for me a small mistake has been solved here. Of course if someone has got one photo showing von Haebler with knight cross of Hohenzollern, please show us. Thanks.



    von Haebler.jpg

    von Haebler 1.jpg

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    HI Paul,

    I have just talked to Daniel about this subject, and he has no date. Probably he never wore the HHO3X.

    Probably in his personal files in Dredsden Library may confirm or not if he received this cross.


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