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5 hours ago, rabaduex said:

Any other bars with the Schaumburg-Lippe Medal for Merit? Perhaps there are similarities to this one from which conclusions can be drawn.

Windelband 14er Schnalle Hof i.jpg

9 hours ago, David M said:

such a beauty!

I looked it up on the internet. Shouldnt the other side be up (with the face of the Fürst)

There is no Fürst on the rear side, there is an inscription

Windelband 14er Schnalle Hof j.jpg

The inscription is: Für Treue und Verdienst

Kind regards

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Thanks for all the comments so far.  So what can we conclude from this bar?  Legit? If so was the wearer Prussian or....  Could this be a second row to a larger bar all together?

Thoughts please.

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3 hours ago, dedehansen said:

In my humble opinion legit, for sure Prussian and

I don´t think that there was a second row.

Kind regards


I am a novice and do not understand why this would be Prussian. The Prussian war effort cross is the highest award on the medal bar according to the 1915 regulations.



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Hi Chuck,

it´s the combination from Prussian long service medal 2nd class, Centenarmedaille, Kreuz für Kriegshilfe

and finally in first place the Ehrenkreuz 2. Klasse des Preussischen Landes - Kriegerverbandes.

Kind regards

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The order of precedence is wrong for Prussia or any other state.  As I noted, the PrVfK is a war decoration, and ranks ahead of all of the other awards. A proper Prussian precedence would be PrVfK, DA, Cent, SLV2.

The Weimar-era veteran's decoration doesn't fit in any official order of precedence.  Such awards were sometimes treated as war commemorative medals, and placed after war decorations but ahead of peacetime awards, and sometimes treated as non-state awards and placed after all German awards but before foreign decorations.  But there were no rules.

Of course, in the Weimar-era, there were no rules, period. So sometimes "good-bad" bars show up with whatever precedence the owner wanted.  I cannot say for certain that it is one of these "good-bad" bars; the construction doesn't raise any red flags to me, but I am far from an expert on such matters.

Assuming it is "good-bad", I actually have a candidate: Fwlt.d.L. Johannes Adam, Schichtmeister in Fürstenhausen, Bergwerksdirektions-Bezirk Saarbrücken, received the SLV2 in 1916 and the PrVfK in 1918.  His only other known award was the Prussian 9-year Dienstauszeichnung.  I have no idea what active service he had, but if he was active in 1897, then the Centenary fits, although it does not show up in most ranklists and court and state handbooks.




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8 hours ago, dond said:

Thanks again all.  One last question.  Given the screwy order of it all is it trying to be a frack bar?

That was my first thought.

I'd say +/- 20% of Frack bars I've seen have "normal" pins (catch on the left).

7er Frackspange des Oberstltn Hopfe FORUM 1a.jpg

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Also, the precedence would still be wrong for a frack, since the Dienstauszeichnung ranks ahead of the Centenary. Also, a Prussian wouldn't place the Prussian awards after a peacetime Landesorden. A Schaumburger with the PrVfK would likely have the Kreuz für Treue Dienste on the noncombatant ribbon, and Schaumburg-Lippe had its own DA for enlisted soldiers.

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