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    Rare medal with bullet shot hole

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    I'm not a scientist so I can't judge if this is technically possible. But maybe it is a genuine result of a combat fight. However, I know for a fact this has been done to increase the value of less rare medals in the past. You said it yourself in the title "rare medal": The only medals I have seen having a bullet hole are campaign medals (the less scarce ones), bravery medals and combat merit medals... Makes you wonder doesn't it? It would be quite easy to shoot a bullet through a perfectly nice medal to increase its scarceness wouldn't it? ;-) 

    Btw, I do have some pictures of medals both bullet holes and I will look them up later to show you.

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    It is very curious to me that the bullet penetration hole is completely round. Perfectly round. Like something was holding the medal (like a vise) and someone shot directly at it intentionally to cause the hole. 

    In a past life (okay, when I was in the military) I was an NRA marksmanship judge...a hole like this, if it was claimed to have occurred in combat, is almost impossible. It's near impossible for it to have happened even at a range, but in combat where targets (people) are moving, not to mention the medals, not to mention someone wearing their Defense of Moscow in combat (not impossible, but also not really common) makes me think this was done intentionally.

    But I've been wrong before......

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    Well, thats more like it! Not only do these bullet holes look much more realistic, there are some pictures of the awardees wearing them as well ! Also, some very expensive items are damaged... Nobody would do this on purpose. Not even the dumbest of fakers...




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