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    Ribbon bar identification- 7 Piece Bar

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    as promised here is the bar.  The awards are following , IMO:

    EK 2 1914

    Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen Preußen/ Roter Adler Orden?

    Kronen Orden / Friedrichs Orden

    Offizierskreuz Preußen / DA Preußen / Kriegserinnerungskreuz Österreich

    Centenar Medaille

    Friedrich August Kreuz für Kämpfer

    Kronen Orden

    Please correct me, If I am wrong


    Best regards,



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    I have  a question about another bar. Hopefully I can post it here?

    The Brunwick Merit Cross ribon has swords attached, but a version with swords does not exist. Are the swords equalent to the Brunswick Frontkämpfer clasp?

    Here is a pic.



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    On ‎9‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 03:52, Nicolas7507 said:


    This is offtopic, but  I am getting some colonial postcards and coins from china ( Tsingtau etc...) soon. Is there a forum here, where I can post it?

    :thumbup:   There is no "Colonial" forum, however depending on what you have; there is the "China" forum including imperial era, "Coin" forum or the "Imperial German Research" forum for documents and photos.

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    I am quite sure by now that the last ribbon on 7 piece bar is the Schwarzburg Sonderhausen Honor Cross 3.Class upwards. A rare award.

    That would make a look after an Identification worth looking.

    I feel bad for not helping in the Identification, but I dont have the money for Dienstalterslisten.




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