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Order of Red Banner for review

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Please meet Sr. Leutenant of airforce Chufarov Anatoly Vasilevich, born 1923, a squadron leader (3 aircraft) of 237th ShAP (assault air regiment) of 305th ShAD (assult air division). In service since June 1941. In active service since September 1943 on the South-Western front and 3rd Ukrainian front. 

Awards: Red Star, Patriotic War I, Red Banner 98061 on 12/Jun/1944 (this one), Patriotic War II, Red Banner. 

The heros signature is on the second page of the register card.



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The citation for the order of Red Banner 98061.

Short and specific description of the acheivement:

"Recomended for the state award Order of Red Banner for 23 successful missions on IL-2 assult aircraft. Participating in the fighting on Soth-Western front and later on 3rd Ukrainian front since September 1943, Sr. Lt. Chufarov showed remarkable qualities as combat pilot, bravery, courage, and boundless loyalty to Socialist Motherland. Excelently piloting IL-2 aircraft and skillfully using its weapon systems, punishes enemy with full force. All combat missions executes perfectly.  Just during the last 23 missions personally destroyed 17 trucks with cargo, 4 tanks, 2 self-propelled guns, 12 horse carriages, suppressed 3 AA positions, destroyed military depot, despersed and destroyed up to 2 companies of facists. In total flew 54 combat missions up to date. Worthy of the state award Order of Red Banner. 

30 May 1944.  Commander of 237 ShAP Lt. Colonel Shelamov"




Excerpt from the award order mentioning A.Chufarov.


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Excerpt from the combat journal of 305th ShAD for 29/Jan/1945:

"Due to bad meteorological conditions only 6 aircraft were used for combat missions. The first pair lead by Lt. Sobolev was on the mision to attack railway trains on the station Saldus, but reaching village Bené encountered dence snowfall and complete lack of vertical and horisontal visibility and returned to the base.

The second pair lead by Cpt. Kandibin (note this name) took off at 13:10 with same objective, but receiving westher report from Sobolev returned to the base.

Only the pair lead by Sr. LtChufarov completed the mission. It's objective was to attack traffic on the raod Lauki- Yurdi. Munition used: 6 FAB100 (HE 100kg), 80 AO-2.5 (cluster bombs), 8 RS-82 (rockets). As the results of the assult one truck damaged. No losses to our aircraft. 

The flight leaders had no radio contact with the guidance station. Two othe regiments remained in readiness untill 10:00. After that changed to combat training program and training flights on PO-2 aircraft.

Weather: Cloud cover 9 okta (maximum), height 200-400 meters, intermitent snow during the day, visibility 200-600m."


Sr. Lieutenant of Soviet air force shoulder board (post 1943).


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Previously Boris Kandibin (1920-1993) was mentioned in the Combat Journal of the 305th air assult division (ShAD).

He was awarded Hero of the Soviet Union on 19 August 1944 for 84 combat missions. Served in air force for for may years after the war and retired in 1979 as Major General. He wrote book "305th assult division in the fight for Motherland", where he writes about his mates. 

"A group of 8 IL-2 was tasked to strike the rail station Valga. The wing commander Cpt. Gorodnikov was in the leading aircraft. The rest Chufarov, Nosachenko, Kolganov, Sivokon, Zhuchenko, Markelov and I.

As the we knew that the station was heavily covered by AA artillery, we were heading at altitude 2000m. We aproached the target from North-East direction and were hit by AA fire. The Gorodnikov's machine suddenly fell into uncontrolled dive. The aircraft of his mate Chufarov caught on fire and began descending slowly turning towards friendly forces. I increased my speed and assumed the wing leader position. AA fire was still heavy, the group was weakened and had no resources to suppress the AA batteries. We continued attack. First run - ombs dropped ar the rail tracks, but not hits to the trains. Descendet to 70m and assaulted the trains with rockets and cannon fire. Several vagons caught on fire. The objective was complited, but we lost our wing commander Gorodnikov, who lost the plane (for the 3td time) and jumped with parachute, and was captured. Chufarov crash-landed on our territory."

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This particular material is not linked directly to the hero or his unit, but come from another air assult division journal. 

The schematic depiction of specific battle engagements of assault arcraft. 

The first one is against enemy fighter planes 12 IL-2 and 4 Yak-1 against 14 FW-190 and 2 ME-109 on 21 Aug 1944. Result reported: 1 IL-2 shot down, 1 damaged. 1 pilot and 2 rear gunners killed. 1 FW-190 crushed. 

The second one is 15 minute ground attack by 6 IL-2 on a convoy on 13 Sep 1944. 



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37 minutes ago, Chuck In Oregon said:

Thank you for this excellent topic.


You are welcome! :beer: I am glad I can share this with others. 

I see I made quite a few gramatic errors and misspelled many words. It's mainly because I post from IPhone and my kids distruct me a bit on the way. :) Unfortunately I cannot longer correct the errors.

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7 hours ago, Paul R said:

Thanks for adding these details.  Now this is more than just a basic ORB.  Where did you find the photograph?

Hey, Paul. Yes, the research adds extra dimention to our hobby. The photo is from archival research. Chufarov was an officer, so there is always a chance there is a photo in the service record. 

Check out my signature. ;) I can do such research for you too.

Some times photograph is not to be found in the service record papers. Then there is a slim chance to locate it on the mighty Internet. F.ex. I managed to locate like that awardee photos for 2 of my Red Banner orders. Though it may take some effort.

One is found on our forum "for forcing Oder in January 1945". The other one is for a Baltic fleet armoredboat captain, who after was was serving on "target ship". ;) It was exactly how it sounds. This ORB I need to find time to present on our forum.

Chufarov's service record. 


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